Some of the most fundamental features that are often ignored in textbook discussions

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The discussion in the lecture emphasizes some of the most fundamental features that are often ignored in textbook discussions. The essential characteristic of social movements, according to the study, is the use of means outside the system to effect social change. Other social activities are concerned with people's behavior and behaviors. These movements increase the general society's quality of life by influencing personal attitudes and ways of doing things. Self-improvement, spirituality, and physical well-being are all important aspects of this form of social society. The value of social movements that are seen as less life-threatening was brought up in class. These are the groups looking for a small amount of change within a specified group of people. The actions of such social movements may seem minute. However, their analysis from the collective view reveals that they are the most influential. For instance, the initial push for the rights of the gay people was an initiative of very small localized social groups. For instance, Stonewall Riots in New York encouraged gay people to come out and declare their sexual orientation. It then advocated for the acceptance of these individuals by the larger society. Their input seemed negligible at the moment. However, the input of similar small groups in the sixties culminated into the realization of gay rights and acceptance of gay marriage in many societies around the world. Change is driven by the collective action of social groups. This collective action is significant where the population has a common sense of purpose and direction in regard to realizing or stopping certain changes. Normal injustice can easily be overcome if the people unite and organize themselves into social groups to push for change.

December 15, 2021




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