Strengths, Weaknesses, Flaws and Overall Opinion of The Study

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The study is founded on the notion that unmarried and divorced women do not experience stress, which commonly contributes to weight gain; however, not all married women experience stress, rendering the findings inconclusive. The data obtained is skewed in that it solely examined marital troubles and obstacles as the cause of sadness and weight gain, despite the reality that many other factors contribute to married women's depression and increased weight. The strength of the research is that the interviews were conducted in a fair manner targeting both married and single ladies although the married women did not feel to be less healthy than those who are single. The primary flow with the research is that it makes divorce and being single seem the best cure for depression and excessive body weight gain for those experiencing marriage hiccups yet there are better ways of solving the challenges. Many factors contribute to the totality health of a person, hence should not have been sidelined in the study.

The Effects of The Course on The View of The Video

I viewed the video in an entirely different perspective considering the impacts that the course had had on my general knowledge. Had I not had gone through the course I would have viewed the video without giving it a deeper consideration of the medical aspects. I would have assumed that marriages are at times stressful, and the single women who would be stress-free of marriage hurdles had all the reasons to be healthier. However, reasoning on a medical perspective, stress is as a result of not only marriage issues but many other countless factors that affect every other woman irrespective of whether they are married or not.

Work Cited

Brewer, Nicole. "Research Finds Single Women Are Healthier Than Married Women." Philadelphia.Cbslocal. Com, 2017,

May 10, 2023
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