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The proliferation of the internet has revolutionized learning because of significant gains from the use of world wide web (Nguyen, 2015). I have been contemplating studying some courses online because I need the flexibility it offers. As a consequence, I choose to access the Study Online Self-assessment tool to gauge my preparedness for studying online and identify areas for improvement.  Besides, I decided to use the service given the simplify it offers and its focus on three essential areas-technology, self-management, and writing and research. 

                    The Study Online Self-assessment tool is a survey tool with a set of questions focused on assessment of technology, writing and research, and self-management about online studying. The assessment tool is accessible through my Griffith university portal and allowed me to take three separate questionnaires. After logging into my account, I first took the self-management assessment and received a ready status similar to the two other assessment tools. From the three evaluations, I am prepared to exploit my ability to create presentations, achieve academic integrity, coping with stress and willingness to seek help, among others, to improve my online study. Besides, I will work to have a great headset and secure a distraction-free study for an excellent studying experience. I feel satisfied with the assessment service, and I believe it will bolster my studying online.

                    I have no doubt the Study online assessment tool is a great service to assist study to understand their weakness and strengths on key focus areas necessary for successful studying online. However, I would propose that some questions be more details such as the question on the latest version of MS office for students with non- information technology background to be able to answer well.


Nguyen, T. (2015). The Effectiveness of Online Learning: Beyond No Significant               Difference and Future Horizons. MERLOT Journal of Online Learning and                    Teaching,

11 (2): 309-319.

September 04, 2023

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