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The American dream has in no way had an absolute or direct definition. People give their definition depending on what they consider to be the most vital in their life and what they want to achieve. The meaning relies upon on mental perception, time, sociological status, and the background of individuals. But generally, most people is of the same opinion that American dream is to become successful and to be the destiny of every person in the world; a place where everyone enjoys freedom in its utmost expression. This is what tremendous people like Martin Luther King and George Washington viewed as the American dream. American can be successful if liberty and equality can be achieved.
As stated by Tommy Hilfiger, “The road to success is not easy to navigate, but with hard work, drive and passion, it's possible to achieve the American dream.” From the quote, Tommy explained that it is only through willpower and desire that we can make the American Dream a reality. Dream for American is still alive and reachable. We have the power to fight anything that stands in the ways of the American dream and support everything that can make it real. It is only through hard work and persistent that will make us attain the dream. We, the people who live in America should be free to act without fear, defend our moral views, culture, religion, and rights. In addition, we need to express our opinions in a way that can change what is happening around us. For example, if a politician acts in a way that violates the rights of the citizens, we should not hesitate, he or she should be told the truth immediately. Any action by the leaders going against the will of people should not be allowed. I still believe that the American Dream is still alive since the opportunities are there every day. People can go to school, we are free to elect our leaders, and our rights are protected by the great constitution written by great men and women after considering all the needs of the Americans. Furthermore, the fact that outsiders can find themselves opportunities in America is an assurance that American dream is still alive (Gallimore 29). It is a home for everyone where they and come and pursue education and enjoy live as well.

It is not easy to label a country as the richest or the poorest in the world since several ways exist to measure a country’s wealth. The GDP per capita can determine the economic output and asset values of a country. Also, the currency reserves can be used to state whether or not a country is rich. Lastly, the value of natural resources can also help to categorized countries’ wealth. Although American is not at the top in any of the three, I can confidently state that we are better off. Other than Canada, Qatar, and other European countries dominating the list of top richest countries in the world based on the factors used to determine wealthiest nations, America can find herself a place in the top. I consider America as the richest country in the world, and it is possible to maintain it if we can live in a free society as advocated by some of the great figures like Martin Luther King. America is not only blessed with natural resources such as fertile soil, forests, oil and mineral deposits, but also great leaders and that is why I consider America as the richest nation in the world.

Even though we are faced with some challenges such as income inequality, American destined can still thrive. As was uttered by Franklin D. Roosevelt, “Freedom means the supremacy of human rights everywhere. Our support goes to those who struggle to gain those rights and keep them. Our strength is unity of purpose,” we enjoy a free nation. Besides, the leaders we elect are committed to making the country a better place to all residents. Recently we had Obama with “Yes We Can” as motto aiming at empowering all citizens of American at all levels. Now, President Trump is in with “Making America Great Again.” All these are keeping our dreams alive that one day the American Dream will be a true thing. The fact that America gives both immigrants and indigenous opportunities to achieve their life goals is an indication that one day we will be counted as the richest country in the world. Just to count our blessings, I will start with education which is the tool to empower youths and the society as a whole (Johnson 1) .Am happy that our education sector is doing well. Moreover, the nation is proud of one of the best security agencies in the world. As a matter of fact, security cannot be separated with economic growth. The higher the cases of insecurity, the lower the economic development in a country. I believe that America will be a successful nation, a destiny to everybody and a place where everyone is free to act.

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July 24, 2021
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