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Language and identity

Language and personality have a one-of-a-kind connection. Language and identity are distinguished by various hypotheses. There is a great deal of curiosity in language and identity, as well as how the two are associated. Various viewpoints and references are being used by researchers from various areas of the world to describe the relationship between the two (Bonny 409). A certain researcher used the idea that he uses a specific name to explain how people see their relationship. Any identity is linked to a desire. The aim of this paper is to investigate the connection between English, identity, and language.

Desire and identity

Desire and identity are inextricably linked. Any desire for recognition, affiliation, security, and safety defines how today and future identity will be. Such desires can never be separated from the natural resources and community identity as well. Identity cannot also be separated from the distribution of resources (Bonny 412). Bourdieu's work complement west because it focuses more on the relationship between symbolic power and status.

The right to speak

The right to speak defines more about the student's knowledge and at the same time creates wide networks of communication globally. West focuses more on the relationship between material power and identity (Bonny 417). Mai's story clearly explains the relationship between identity and language where he relates to researchers and learner sits is not what you say that defines language but how you say it. There is a long walk into the freedom of identity which is a long journey. Cultural identity is too an important factor, and this determines where the heart is (Bonny 421). The rule of Britannia advocates on the development of paralysis to be able to understand the language. There is also a clear relationship between the native and nonnative ESL teachers where race has some implication on the relationship. English have some identity in Language. There is so much close relationship between English and its identity.

Work cited

Norton, Bonny. "Language, identity, and the ownership of English." TESOL Quarterly, 1997: pp. 409-429.

November 03, 2022

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