The Future of Education

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Current education focuses on instilling knowledge in students and the expectation that they will be good in life. However, rather than focusing on particular aspects, the future of education should concentrate on the holistic growth of people.

Education must shape an individual's character so that he or she can function as a full member of society, understanding the political, educational, cultural, and moral facets of life. As a result, the school system must prepare students for a world in which they will be expected to overcome challenges for the general good. In fact, the education should be aimed at improving the perception of the individuals so that the people become critical and incisive of the status quo. Moreover, education should be de-compartmentalized in a manner that the students do not learn subjects in isolation, but rather develop an interdisciplinary perception of the education system. Thus, students have to be actively involved in curricula development so that the education provides them with more practical learning methods that allow them to horn their problem-solving skills.

Furthermore, education should embrace diversity in both content and practice such that the learners are educated at different places and interactively. The personalized approach to education will allow the learners to experience challenges that will reinforce their capabilities to approach global issues like climate change and poverty. Also, education has to be structured to develop field experience for the students through project-based learning. Hence, education will be the tool to the eradication of global problems when the students are involved in incisive and critical thinking that will improve competence.

November 03, 2022



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