The Importance of Attending College

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I decided to attend college as a motivation from a family friend who was a nurse as she was committed towards the personal welfare of the community. Naturally, the nurse should work on the weekly legal hours, but this person gave what the law required. Although she used many hours in the hospital, she also created chances of teaching the local community of how to observe, prevent and maintain their health, ideas that most people embraced. The enthusiasm and commitment made the society to respect and love her, and one could tell that they felt secure when listening and implementing what she taught them. The inspiration that I acquired from this act of kindness forced me to inquire on the process she used to reach for such commitments. Shockingly, her reply was that information is power and people should offer it for the benefit of society. Eventually, I decided that to commit myself to the highest levels of studies and this is why I have to attend college and undergo four years pre-medication and become a doctor. I believe that colleges nurture wisdom and knowledge, and I am hoping to acquire intellectual stimulation and skills of handling complex health issues within society, and then integrate it to my compassionate heart. I would like to be in the social group with the brightest mind and learn things that can advance the community health, and this remains the primary reasons as to why I want to attend college.

August 14, 2023

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