The Importance of College Education

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Many people have perceptions that college education is not a necessity because some people have made it in life without the college degree. “Many people succeed without college degrees” (ProCorn.Org). In my Opinion, education is the foundation for every person. As you learn every time, one has the opportunity to acquire more philosophy that will help them make better choices in life. A college education is an asset because it helps the students to acquire the skills that are needed in the increasingly competitive world.

Reasons Why College Education is a Worthwhile Investment

Not all people have the ability to be successful in ventures such as entrepreneurship. Some are good at being employed and working in busy environments. Even the individuals who drop out of school need skills that will help them handle their business well to create value for their clients. They need to be competent in managing transactions so that they can also understand how the business operates. The skills can only be acquired through higher education. Education is an asset and a long-term investment because once you have acquired the skills and the knowledge, they will help you for eternity. You can change professions and do what you are passionate about with education because it enlightens someone and gives them the ability to be critical thinkers hence come up with insights that are important when making decisions. One can never go wrong with education. Some people argue that the cost of educating a child is too high compared to the benefits. It is essential that people understand that you cannot compare money with education. “Colleges prepare people for jobs, but more critically, they prepare people for life" (Hrabowski 260). When one loses all the investments, all that is left is your ability to reason and come up with strategies that will help you make better choices in life

According to ProCorn.Org, various job opportunities require a college education. High school is a basic education if you consider some professions for example medicine all the doctors and nurses get their abilities to heal their patients after specializing in college and university to study various branches of medicine. Only 34% of the Jobs take college diplomas while the rest are left for graduates (ProCorn.Org). If people did not value their college education we could have fewer nurses, fewer doctors and therapist to help in the healing process and many people could have lost their lives. The academicians who lecture and teach students in various institutions of learning can do so because they acquired skills in higher learning that helped them to be able to deliver in their areas of specializations. Many professions require more than a high school certificate because they need intensive training so that one could be able to understand the procedures that are important to discharge their duties well. The earning process never ends even after college in the profession the professionals learn new things on a daily basis. Foe a pilot you are trained how to fly a plane in the college degree, but once you get out when flying, you will learn how to navigate the routes. Education is, therefore, a necessity and a requirement because it helps people to acquire more skills that will help them to be productive in the future.

The labor markets have changed, and many organizations are investing in modern technology. In the past, a high school graduate could work as a banker. At present, the work of a teller that was previously held by high school graduate has been replaced by the automatic teller machines. The banks are now seeking competent graduates who can help them make investment decisions that will help them to survive in times of uncertainty. It is thus worthwhile to mention that without the college education many people are going to lose jobs and it is going to be difficult to survive in the community. The factories are replacing the junior employees with robots, and the challenge is that the junior who have less qualification previously did most of the work. Since the individuals have fewer skills when they are laid off, they cannot make the best choices that will help them to survive and thus end up struggling with financial resources while trying to make ends meet.

College education helps the students to form networks that can help them later in life. If you consider, for instance, students studying in the same professions they know each other, and once they get the opportunities out there in the labor markets, they can communicate with those who had not found the opportunity and thus help them to get better jobs.  At the same time, we have seen cases where students partner in college and develop companies that have become successful in the present. They, therefore, create opportunities and help the community to benefit out of them. If, for example, the students could not have met in college while studying there exist a chance that some of them could not have been where they are. Some realize their potential because the teachers and students pointed out their strengths, helping them to make informed choices in the society. It is thus crucial for all people to value college education because it can open someone to opportunities that will help them to be successful in the long run

Sometimes back it was difficult for the middle-income earners to afford a college education for their children. At present, there are many ways that can be used to support the students to complete their studies. Some colleges offer scholarships to the needy students. Others have partial grants while others have work-study programs that are aimed at reducing the financial burden of the student. It is important to mention that such changes have helped many students to get the chance to study in college. The costs should not be an excuse for the present.  "It echoed an increasingly common refrain that college is expensive, that students are taking on unmanageable debt and that they too often graduate unprepared for the world of work" (Hrabowski 259). It is important to note that schools have programs that help students to work while studying. The government gives loans that have less interest and people must maximize this opportunity so that we have the society that has enlightened people who can make informed choices in life.

A college education increases the skills of a person and helps them to specialize in a particular field where they are passionate about. “Young adults learn interpersonal skills in college” (ProCorn.Org ). We could not have many aspects of the work environment without the idea of specialization and division of labor. Thus, it is important to come up with measures that will help people understand that quality education does not only benefit them but also the society. If a nation wants to progress quickly, they must have educated people who will work with companies and make sound investment strategies that will help the firms to realize the growth and expansion. The revenues will be translated to the government in the form of taxes, and the community will benefit from the corporate social responsibility initiative of the organization. It is thus necessary to emphasize the role of education and how it can help the students to be productive in the long run. Making better choices will help the students to be productive and thus contribute to the welfare of the community.

Education increases the level of independence. If you consider the reason why most crime takes place is that of poverty and some of the criminals dropped out of school in the absence of financial resources. If they acquire the skills needed, they will have the ability to engage in work that will help them be independent instead of engaging in crime. "Sondheim's education helped him get a job. More importantly, it helped him change Maryland" (Hrabowski 262). Most people are out on the streets abusing drugs because of depression and other factors that relate to the inability to generate income. It is thus important to ensure that each person who is willing to study has been given a chance so that they can acquire the skills that are needed to be more productive in the future. That way people will have something tangible to work on and the level of dependency will reduce as we create better societies in the future.


Education is a worthwhile investment because of the numerous benefit it gives to the learner. It helps people to recognize their strengths and become better members of the society. The communities have progressed because people valued education and we could not be where we are today if we didn't have many educated people to come up with the ideas that have improved our well being in the present. 

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