The Importance of College Education Essay

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The importance of a college education can be viewed from different perspectives. Having a college degree is not only important to the individual but the whole society as a whole. In the hiring process, an employer will employ the most qualified individual on the basis of qualifications and specialization and a college degree offers that. The family of the individual, the individual, and the community will get a sense of pride when one of them improves the standard of education and life. This essay will discuss the importance of college education and view the importance from different perspectives.

The employer

1.    Specialization- an individual who has done and completed college level of education graduates with high specialization on the field he or she majored on. Specialization enables an employee to focus on one major aspect in their field of study. In the hiring process, the employer will hire an individual and place them in a specific department where he/she has specialized in. this creates efficiency and better performance.

2.    Qualification- when there is a job vacancy in a business premise and for instance one of the qualifications of employment is a college degree, no matter how specialized an individual is but does not have a college degree he/she cannot get employment. College degrees: bachelors, masters and doctoral are the highest form of qualification education wise. A college education makes an individual very marketable in the job market.

3.    Experience in decision making- from the first year of college students are taught how to make critical decisions under pressure. This experience helps them to make good, and fast decisions in the workplace. Experience will enable an individual to make decisions without the need of consulting a superior.

4.    Drive to better themselves- individuals with a college education are highly competitive and this makes them very efficient in their careers, therefore they have the capacity to be able to complete a job correctly and on time.

The above reasons prove to an employer, employees are driven towards bettering themselves and are more inclined to be better leaders in the future.


1.    Reliving college through the child- guardians who have a college education get excited when their children go to college because they reliving their colleges years through their children. This gives them more talk time and gives advice about college life and decision making in the college. Reliving college years through the child makes their relationship stronger as they have more things to talk about hence strengthening their parent-child bond.

2.    Want the child to experience more of life- when a child has not joined college his/her life experiences are limited to their surroundings with common situations and most of their decisions are made by their parents. When a child goes to college he/she finds a very new and diverse environment, this helps them to be able to deal with people from different places and cultures, being able to make decisions on their own when they encounter new situations.

3.    Trial period to independent living- college years creates independence to an individual as they have to make crucial and life-changing decisions on their own without the need of consulting their guardians. The need to be financially independent makes a child get independence from their guardians hence they start looking for part time jobs while still in college. Need for freedom will influence the child to get his/her home to live alone.


1.    Career path- a college education enables an individual to find a career path that he/she will follow the rest of their life. A college degree makes an individual’s curriculum vitae look better to their employer.

2.    Productivity- a student knows that having a college education will enable him/her to have a more productive life and better paying job. A college education is a security policy that enables an individual to plan for his/her entire life from employment to retiring. In case of job loss in one workplace an individual knows that their college education will enable him/her to get a job in another workplace because of the specialization and qualification the college education gave them.

3.    Worth of the struggles of adulthood- adulthood has daily ups and downs which makes the struggles real. A student after having a college education has the confidence to be able to handle the struggles of adulthood. Going through college years and individual faces real-life struggles which makes him/her prove to themselves worthy of the struggles of adulthood.


1.    Credibility for future endeavors- a college education makes an individual move in the path of the major he/she did. For instance, when a doctor wants to start a business, the probability of starting a hospital is very high because he/she has the credibility to run a medical facility because of the specialization.

2.    Break from teenage years to adulthood- when an individual goes to college they are in the late teenage years and when they exit they are fully fledged adults. The college experiences and decisions remove teenage mentality from an individual.

August 21, 2023

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