The Life of a College Student

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School is one of the most important periods of our lives. The concept is focused on influences correlated with the student's life stage. Students' behavior during this time frame can be harmful or beneficial (Colby et al. 23). As a result, this article will examine the lives of students who must work, learn, and pursue their hobbies all at the same time.

It is important to remember that these practices are basic necessities for students since they need to work part-time to make ends meet, study hard to get decent grades and partake in hobbies for entertainment and relaxation. The combination of these activates leads to distraction (Jogaratnam, 34)

A primary feature of the combination of these activities, namely doing all activities together, signifies the inability to strike a balance, which is fundamental for every student. The failure to determine the most relevant activity to engage in per time will lead to poor time management, which is detrimental to the success of students (Jogaratnam, 54).

The principal aim of students is academic excellence; hence, there is the need to prioritize study over other activities. The combination of work, study and hobbies at the same time will amount to the poor academic output (Rafnsdóttir et al. 45)

In conclusion, it is vital to point out that these activities are all required for the harmonious development of students. However, doing all three at the same time is not a good idea and could lead to exhaustion, loss of interest and poor academic performance. Therefore, it is advised for students to create a valid timetable, giving attention to each activates at specific times.

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October 20, 2022

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