The principles of research ethics include

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It is recommended that the principles of research ethics be followed in order for this study to adhere to ethical criteria. To begin, I would have an open discussion about intellectual property while conducting the research. To avoid problems with the person who deserves the credit and the order for the award, it is recommended to start by discussing these concerns from the outset of the professional relationship, even if the subject makes many people uncomfortable. Researchers should be cautious of instances in which they have access to private ideology or studies, such as reading manuscripts or hearing new perspectives during an informal chat.It is against ethics for the reviewers to use other people's ideas without quoting them for credit (Curie, 2011).

Secondly, I would adhere to the ethical guidelines by remaining conscious of double roles as such may affect my professional performance. The other plan of adherence is through following informed consent rules. The consent process is good at ensuring that people are voluntarily taking part in the research while fully cognizant of the risks and benefits that they may encounter (UOG, 2016). In carrying out the study, I will ensure that I talk to the participants on; the aim of the research, duration, and procedure, their freedom of withdrawal from the study and consequences thereof, the potential risks involved and finally any possible research benefits.

During the research, I will ensure respect for confidentiality and privacy. I will as well find out my ethical duties and the available resources.

One of the ethical issues that could arise during my study is the informed consent, beneficence, regard for privacy and finally, regard for confidentiality. In informed consent, I would ensure the free right of the participants upon their introduction to the aims of the research and the procedures thereof (Fouka & Mantzorou, 2014) It is as well essential to prevent any harm or discomfort or intrusion into the privacy of the participants.


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