The Underground Railroad

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Students would be introduced to the realm of metaphors as part of the process of teaching "The Underground Railroad" to them, along with what they are and how they are used in literature. As a result, the significance of metaphors in literature and everyday communication would be discussed. The metaphor "The Underground Railroad" is then written down, and students are involved in a debate to make sure they understand what the metaphor implies.

First, the class will go over what the term "underground" means. A debate of the definition of railroad follows this. The two are then connected, and Berger's narrative is referenced after that (2017). Thus, the metaphor enables the narrator of the story to have a dreamlike vision of the Underground Railroad, which acted as the actual route for the passage of the train under the operation of conductors and engineers. As the author illustrates, the Railroad relates to the single passage, which was used by slaves as they moved from one place to another. The route was unique and was only used as the passage for slaves (Berger, 2017).

Social studies teachers face the challenge of preparing the lesson and teaching the abstract concepts. As such, they have to get the subject matter knowledge to ensure that they are competent to deliver the content successfully. The teachers should also transform the knowledge into suitable analogies, activities, simulations or demonstrations and link them to the ability of students. Moreover, they have to engage students in a process of critical thinking so that they can have the potential to comprehend the abstract concepts, which are presented.


Berger, M. (2017). From Slavery to Freedom: Revealing the Underground Railroad. Retrieved


February 09, 2023

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