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This website has a title that represents the main content. In addition, the home page provides a good description of the intent of the page. Therefore, the user would not be misled by browsing these pages or by requesting information from any of these pages. In addition, a bibliography is used in print references in the relevant fields. This can be easily accessed by a single click on copyright records. The website also includes material that is up-to-date and not old. (About, Inc 1) is one of the most up-to-date materials on this website. Users are also able to rely on the website to access the latest statistics. The pictures help in complementing the main purpose of the page. The outstanding feature of this website is that there is no advertising from other sources.

The website also contains information, which is current and not the outdated message. _x0093_Trending on About.com_x0094_ (About, Inc 1) is one of the current information in this website. Thus, users are able to focus on the website and obtain the latest information. The pictures help in complementing the main purpose of the page. The outstanding feature of this website is that there is no advertising from other sources.

The website has a clear indication of its key objective. This relates to its purpose. Hence, a user will be able to understand the main aim of this site immediately after perusing the home page of the site. Even though the website does not clearly indicate that it is directed to a specific audience, it gives direction on who the audience is. This is because the site is explicit in terms of declaring its point of view. The topics, which are included in this website, are clear. Such entails an in-depth depiction of the main purpose of this site.

The key technical aspect of the website is that the page loads in less than 10 seconds. As such, a person browsing this website enjoys the services of getting the information at a fast speed. Further, the included pictures and drawings in each of the pages relates to the main topic of the given page. Thus, there is no confusion of what the pictures are referring to in the page. Moreover, this website has being built such that it has clear headings and the spellings on the pages are correct. also has a page, which is credited such that any problems can be reported from the use of the website. has an indication that it is current since the bottom of the page indicates that the website has being updated in 2017. Thus, there is a regular maintenance of the website to ensure that it has the potential of achieving the desired outcomes. The supporting pages also have a link back to the home page. This creates an opportunity for the user to easily get back to the home page. All these links are clear, visible, working, and lead a person to the desired destination. Hence, it is possible to obtain the needed information by following the available links in the website.

The website has dates included on it. These dates apply to the material, which is included in the site. The dates also relates to the last time when the website was updated and revised in order to make it current. Further, the website presents information, which is current and relevant in relation to the purpose of the site. Such information is also relevant to any user of this site.

The creators of the website have a documented authority in the field. The webpage does not make any attempt of selling anything. Further, the page is copyrighted and all the rights are reserved to the page developers. The domain .com depicts that this website is a commercial site. This is true since the website focuses on commercial and not private activities. As such, the author is very authoritative on the purpose of the site (Elliott and Elliot 23). Thus, different perspectives are taken into consideration in the website and there is no any form of bias on the website. Moreover, the site is one-sided and does not offer alternative perspectives. This is because it focuses on the provision of information, which is related to the main purpose and key objective of the site.

Unfortunately, there is no clear identification of the site sponsor. This includes lack of the identification of the credentials of the author. The home page also does not reveal the link to the author of the site. Such includes lack of information, which is related to the contact details of the author. Nevertheless, the website has a clear depiction on who the author and sponsor is. Therefore, a user will be able to relate to the same and obtain a good comprehension of what the site seeks to achieve. Such includes the information, which is contained in the website and its relevance to the user.

Visual images are being used in the website to supplement the main topic of the page. As such, the user gets a clear connection between the visual image and the topic of the page. This assists in establishing a relation and correlation on different aspects. This has been done in an ethical manner. Hence, individuals from different backgrounds and social perspectives have the potential of associating themselves with the content, which is included in the website. Moreover, the website appeals to the beliefs and values of the target audience by depicting both written and visual information on what the audience would be seeking to obtain from the site. Hence, the audience gets a clear connectivity between the written and visual communication on the key purpose of the website and the anticipated results after the use of the site. The site also provides adequate information to the target audience on what they would like to have in relation to the website. These appeals could distance some readers if they are not provided in the website. Such is because some readers may feel that the website is not meeting their demands.

The site uses evidence by providing pictorial views in relation to the topic of the page. This includes having working links, which are able to direct the user to sources of information, which is being sought. The sponsor rhetorical purpose is supported by depicting what a user will gain from adhering to the given directions in the page of the site (Kim 648). The website uses the argumentative modes of definitional claims in an effective manner. As such, they are able to catch the interest and attention of the user. However, there are not flaws in logic or reasoning in the website.

The key strengths of this website is that it is easy to access and understand, has a good overview, current news are supplied, and there are several links, which help users to access the information that they need. The weakness of the website is that it lacks references, specific authors are not mentioned, and the authorship or support is not revealed.

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October 12, 2022

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