Unmasking Deception: An Analysis of a Phishing Incident

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The paper is a phishing email investigation report that reflects on how to analyze and amend an email scam problem.

Mechanics Used by Modern Scammers

The mechanics used by modern scammers vary based on the aim and the type of data required. The email is one of the primary target points under which personal and private information can be obtained illegally. Phishing is a form of online scam under which scammers obtain sensitive information by tricking the users. Usually, users are provided with some links that appear to lead to an organization's website, but the site is a clever fake.

Investigation Process for Phishing Cases

When reflecting on the phishing case for an employee, the investigation process would start by extracting the attack link. It is essential for companies not to use production machines to avoid more attacks. The second step is visiting the website using an isolated environment. The reason for working behind a proxy is to avoid raising the alarm to the scammers that one of their links is being analyzed (Toolan & Carthy, 2015). On signing on, the other process would involve examining the site to find out the source codes behind the link. The last step involves advanced domain registry analysis to ensure that the firm connections are secure. After case investigation, one of the primary recommended steps is administering user education to ensure that there is no reoccurrence of such mistakes.

Computer Forensics in Fraud Investigation

The computer forensic element is useful when working towards fraud investigation, especially when there is a need for the recovery of documents. Information can also be obtained from servers, phones, removable storage devices, among other information tools. The modern society requires that computer investigation procedures should include procedures that would help in extracting information and validate the evidence found. To avoid falling into a phishing scam, users should consider using their links and at the same time install web tools that would help detect any malicious links.


Toolan, F., & Carthy, J. (2015. Crimes of the Internet.  eCrime Researchers Summit (eCrime). (pp. 1-12).

September 11, 2023

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