Use the CSE style to cite your peer-reviewed review

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Citation: Use the CSE style to cite your peer-reviewed review and primary research articles (4 marks: 1 mark for each appropriate article and 1 mark for each accurate citation).

Print the first page of each article.

Frederic H, Nicole VM. 2002. Protein structural changes induced by their uptake at interfaces. Elsevier Science 1597 (1):1-11.

Devlina C, Joel J, Charles HR, Pinak C. 2015. Changes in protein structure at the interface accompanying complex formation. IUCrJ 2(6): 643-652.

a) Compare and contrast the features of each chosen article by listing 3 points specific to each article showing why they are “primary” or “review”. (6 marks)

b) Print out a page from each article that contains at least one of these features. Circle and label this feature. (4 marks). (for this part, you can just highlight the portion you want on the pdf file that I provided)

Note that circling the word “review” will not earn a mark.

1. The review article comprises a title, an abstract, and a discussion as the main segment of the article.

2. The review article has a comprehensive list of references.

3. Some segments of the article are omitted, such as the methods and materials sections.

4. Above the title of the article is the term “Review”, which is followed by the title “Protein structural changes induced by their uptake at interfaces” (Frederic and Nicole 2002). The abstract provides a summary of the chemical sequences that facilitate the transition of lipid-water interfaces for attachment into lipid media. Such feature affirms that the given material is a review article.

1. The primary research article comprises the title, authors, abstract, introduction, materials and methods, results, discussion, conclusion, and references in a sequential manner.

2. The article is also fortified with a table, diagrams, and graphs to enhance the overall effect of the results.

3. The article comprises the methods and materials section that highlights the various techniques used by the authors during the experiments.

4. The title of the article “Changes in protein structure at the interface accompanying complex information” also provides a projection into the expected results.

When determining which experiments to conduct, the authors of a primary research article must first determine their research question.

a) What is the research question for your primary research article? (2 marks)

b) What other research questions could the authors have addressed? (2 marks)

a) The research question for the primary article is the role of protein-protein interactions, especially in molecular recognition and the execution of docking algorithms (Devlina et al. 2015).

b) The authors could have also explored other changes that take place on the interfaces to enhance stability, specificity, and function of the molecular complex structures.

A primary research article presents a collection of experimental data which will usually support or contradict the authors’ hypothesis and will answer or partial answer their research question.

(Hint: You can find this information in the abstract and introduction).

a) For your primary research article, did the results support or contradict the authors’ research question/hypothesis? (1 mark)

b) Explain (3 marks)

a) The results of the research support the author’s research question by highlighting some noteworthy facts.

b) Particularly, the authors affirm that the interface atoms enhance contact with partner protein atoms, which results in an increase of their solvent-accessible surface area (ASA), especially in the bound interface in about 69% of the proteins as opposed to the unbound interface, which is not dependent on the deviation of the root-mean-square between the B and U states (Devlina et al. 2015). In addition, deviations in the secondary structure illustrate the probability of extension in strands and helices at the cost of the coils and turns. Furthermore, the authors also conduct an analysis of the absent residues in the unbound states and affirm that is a lacking distinction between the surface of the monomeric structure and the flexibility of the interface, which indicates that the integration of B factors presents problems in regards to the prediction of attachment forms in the unbound interfaces for anchorage of other proteins.

Bibliography/References Cited: Compare your two articles in terms of the quantity and types of references (primary vs. review) cited in each. (2 marks)

In this review, there is a wide range of referenced articles, including other reviews and primary research articles. The majority of the references allow the reader to locate additional information in regards to the context of the article. In total, there are 89 references incorporated into the review.

In general, the reference section in this work comprises fewer articles as compared to those incorporated in the review article. In addition, the majority of entries in the reference list are the articles by a wide range of authors, which is aimed at supporting the information presented in the article.

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