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Studies indicate that about 65% of the population are visual learners (Dwyer, 2003). Visual learning is an image-related learning style. A visual learner easily learns and understands knowledge by using sight. According to Dwyer (2003), visual students have unique properties, such as remembering what they see instead of hearing, preferring to write and read instead of listening, and having difficulty recalling verbal instructions or details. This student also needs an outline and purpose of a project before any lecture or training begins. Notably, they create a mental image of what is described in a dialogue or text thus they don't pay much attention to addresses as they may end up missing some information which is difficult to visualize. Therefore, it is necessary for visual learners to have informative and educational materials presented using diagrams, pictures or charts among others to enhance their effectiveness in understanding and comprehending the information. Therefore, this paper will discuss some of the learning preferences associated with visual learners, the least and most effective ways of conveying information to this group as well as the necessity for catering the needs of the learners.

Learning Preferences of Visual Learners

Some of the learning preferences linked to visual learners include a visual representation of information. For instance, the message can be represented in charts, pictures or graphs that show the flow of information. As a result, a visual learner will be able to understand and remember well the information in future. Also, visual learners prefer being given the overall overview of the content before the commencement of the study. The style helps them to visualize the material during the learning process, capture their attention as well as assist in comprehending the information being conveyed. According to Dwyer (2003), visual learners prefer studying notes on PowerPoint presentations, whiteboards, and overhead slides. The technique is significantly crucial since they quickly see the information being presented hence they understand better the concept conveyed. Additionally, these learners prefer following a distributed study guide to understand the information being communicated. Therefore, visual learners have different preferences thus it is necessary to adopt various learning techniques to accommodate them hence improve the understanding of all learners, therefore, achieve the desired target.

Effective and Ineffective Methods of Conveying Information to Visual Learners

Remarkably, there are substantial methods that can be used to most and least convey information to this group of people. The least methods include emphasizing key points while taking notes as well as the use of lecturing or giving notes without use of visual elements. However, use of visualization elements is the most efficient and effective method to convey information to visual learners. For instance, a trainer may use visual aids such as videos, graphs, illustrations, flowcharts as well as pictures to demonstrate a concept to learners. In fact, visual learners significantly prefer the use of visual aids since they help them to easily understand and remember the information conveyed (Schraw et al., 2013). A trainer may also use handouts, outlines, agendas as well as concept maps for taking notes and reading thus improve the understanding of a learner. The handouts should include white spaces where the learner can add their notes. On the same note, the handouts should contain plenty information for the learners to reread after a learning lesson. Where possible, textual information should be supplemented with illustrations to capture attention and improve the efficiency of conveying information.

Catering to the Needs of Learners

Additionally, it is essential to cater to the needs of learners since it is necessary to embrace diversity in learning. For instance, each person has a different technique and style of understanding and comprehending a concept thus it is essential to cater to the differences. As a result, each learner would feel appreciated, therefore, improve their knowledge as well as accomplish the desired goal of conveying the information. Notably, catering for learners needs is vital since it helps them in learning thus better understanding and comprehending of information (Schraw et al., 2013). When the appropriate learning technique is applied, the recognition capability of individuals increases thus strengthening their overall knowledge. Also, catering for learners needs aids helps a trainer to convey information, therefore, achieve their intended purpose efficiently. As a result, the learners can remember the concept expressed.


In conclusion, it is necessary to take care of visual learners by incorporating their needs in conveying information to them. For instance, visual aids such as the use of videos, charts, illustrations as well as graphs should be significantly used ease the conveying of information to the learners. Similarly, a trainer should provide a general overview of a presentation to assist visual learners in visualizing concepts to be involved thus improve their understanding. By so doing, a trainer would be able to convey the information effectively. On the other side, the learners understanding will be strengthened as well as they will be able to remember basic concepts. As a result, the desired objective of conveying information will be achieved.


Dwyer, F. M. (2003). Strategies for improving visual learning. Pennsylvania, Pa: Learning Services.

Schraw, G. J., McCrudden, M. T., & Robinson, D. R. (2013). Learning through visual displays.

August 09, 2021

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