Ways College Life Should Challenge Students Effectively

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College is one of the most important phases that a person must go through in their lives. Individuals are required to learn essential life skills such as personal financial management and developing strong social skills while in college, among other things. Similarly, Talbot and Mark Edmundson formed a particular interest in deciding how much transition a person is supposed to undergo as they enter college. Even if a person is required to demonstrate certain changes during his primary education stage, it is during college that different conditions cause a student to demonstrate the greatest changes in all aspects of life. College serves as an interesting part of life, one that is full of profound transitions in preparing for a future that is not only fulfilling but also exciting. Undeniably, for every first-year student in college, the opportunity creates endless opportunities, which are meant to enhance one's growth, establishing great skills at an interpersonal level and handling new challenges (Edmundson). However, the process is not swift since adjusting to fit in college’s life effectively tend to be stressful in some instance and need one to establish new strategies (Edmundson).

On aspect through which college life tend to challenge students is through time management. Many students incur major challenges when it comes to time management. While in primary school individuals were monitored to ensure they stayed on track, the same is not for college. College life requires the student especially community college students who are more likely to be faced with a lot of working hours, to create an efficient timetable that will help them balance their time and activities appropriately (Edmundson). Most students tend to lose direction due to forming a misconception that due to the freedom is given to college students; the entire academic period will be full of light entertainment.

When assessing the schedule or manner by which students utilize their time, it is vital for the parties concerned to ensure utmost consideration is given to priorities and goals. Despite the fact that finishing assignments and classes tend to be the most crucial element, most students feel they are not provided with adequate time for their studies (Edmundson). Basically, an average student should use approximately two hours of study for every class time hours. In case an individual realizes that there is a conflict between the various demands they have with time, it may be necessary to reconsider personal goals (Edmundson). Through having elaborate goals, it becomes much easier to create a schedule on how to spend time easily.

Another aspect that is necessary for one to master while in college is consultation. In colleges, students are exposed to a high number of professionals necessary including sports, academics, and finance (Edmundson). These professionals are tasked with assisting students to develop greater capabilities. Just as seen on the MCCC website, even though the interface is created to be user friends, there are various links that direct the user to the assisting department despite the website interface being easy to navigate (Edmundson). However, the challenges associated with such situations is expressed by Mr. Edmundson as he is concerned that many professors have experienced a decline in courage towards their passion. As a result, students have experienced a decline in their inspiration as well (Edmundson). Even though such challenges exist, the students still has a chance to get to professors such as Mr. Edmundson and the likes who are still determined to foster real education.

In reference to MCCC website, the motto stating “ A vital college, engaged with its community and dedicated above all else to student success”, it is clear that any individual who is associated with the institution should not expect to solely attain academic achievement but also develop great social skills that facilitate integration with communities. According to Mr. Edmundson, strong teachers have the power and play an important role in causing the magnitude of change that student will experience while they are in college (Edmundson).

Mr. Edmundson learns of the role of strong teachers in student’s changes through personal experience just when he was supposed to undergo graduation back in high school. In his family where most members were working class, college was viewed as an important rite of passage for any member (Edmundson). In fact, when Mr. Edmundson informed his father that he believed he should be prelaw, he was advised by his father not to waste time studying a course that he imagined interested him. Furthermore, Mr. Edmundson in a thunderous voice was informed that unless he believed in reincarnation, it would be best to study subjects that were meaningful (Edmundson).

Equally important, the courses offered in colleges were not only expensive but time-consuming. As a result, it is important for any individual to take utmost keen before they settle on the course they intend to pursue. Basically, this serves as one great lesson where students start learning the art of making important choices that cannot be reversed easily without experiencing massive losses (Talbot). Even though an individual in college can drop and take another course, it is important to understand the financial loss incurred might alter the academic trend of the student in question (Talbot).

In modern learning institutions, there exists minimal short supply of inspiration. Even though the learning institution must mold the student before they are released to the external world after graduation, most of the colleges since the beginning of the 1990s have been converted to commercial and profit-driven learning institution. As a result, there are changes in the consumerism at the price of inspiration, inquiry and idealistic. Professors have experienced a decrease in the morale to teach, and this has impacted the students negatively (Talbot). Meanwhile, while student starts streaming into learning institutions, there are some who form the mentality of living a carefree life. The actions tend to be disastrous since they expose one to mistakes, which can impact their academic lives negatively.

Based on research focusing on the mental stability of students in the Ardebil University University of Medical Science, it proved that there exist no major differences between females and male student when it came mental disorders (Talbot). However, it is vital to be aware that depression and happiness have the ability to interfere with the emotional stability of an individual (Talbot). According to the research, the effects of positive thought can bring happiness or sadness. Meanwhile, if an individual experience negative thoughts and events, they are bound to experience depression. In reference to the website, the element of fun is brought about by the use of the jungle green color; which tend to be attractive to the eyes. The effects of the green color are to enhance user participation. However, most of the information present on the website is educational therefore instilling a sense of academic seriousness towards the individuals involved.

According to recent studies, students tend to dedicate very little time to matters associated with their classwork. Rather than teachers taking strict measures to ensure that children get the most out of their involvement in college education, the two, i.e., professor and undergraduates strike a deal (Talbot). The basis of the deal is to have the teacher award the student with high grades in their classroom assignments while the student repays the favor by giving the professor a positive review during the evaluation period (Talbot). The situation is made worse by the perception that with the high number of amenities present within the higher learning institutions, the concept that the courses that an individual chose must remain as the core objective of the individual appears to be absurd.

Another aspect in college that should be able to change students involves communication and technology. In the modern era, a great revolution within the information and technology sector brought about by the process of globalization have resulted in a massive change in human’s ways of operation and communication (Talbot). Therefore, most learning institution has incorporated latest technology with the aim of producing individuals who are all rounded as well as technologically fit. However, it is important to understand the dangers associated with the use of technology.

For instance, when used in a wrong way, technology will result in adverse effects. This is in case such as, if a user opts to make use of their internet network to study, they get to learn more easily and flexible as well as develop the good usage of internet, which will impact their loves positively long after they have cleared college (Talbot). On the other hand, some individuals may utilize the internet for activities such as playing online video games, which has negative impacts on their lives such as loss of academic focus.

In my opinions, college life is a crucial moment in an individual’s life. Even though most often individuals think that the reason behind going to college is to acquire academic stability. There exist other equally important aspects such as time management and social interaction, which are vital in any person’s life (Talbot). While the lessons might not be taught in class, one learn them on their own. The process to attain this nonclassroom skills tend to be important but complicated in case an individual is unable to transition between the two effectively.

In conclusion, when an individual is done with high school, they are exposed to the gap period to prepare them mentally for college. However, once the student joins college, not only are they expected to further their studies but also develop utmost changes in their personalities. Talbot and Mark Edmundson, work to explain the level of changes that an average teenage child should undergo from the period they join college and when they leave. In my personal opinion, college life is a stage where an individual is expected to identify and master their personality in a mature way. The changes will help in creating and establish solid and balance relationship later in life both at work and socially.

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October 19, 2022

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