WCBA Problem

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The fundamental issue at WCBA is that the students' ignorance of their legal obligations when announcing. Many students are excited to use the radio station, but the majority of them are unaware of the obligations that come with making announcements on the air. There have been numerous instances of students breaking the regulations set by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). As a result, WCBA is lax in its enforcement of laws and regulations. Ann Caldera, the program director, does a poor job of effectively communicating the guidelines to be followed and the penalties for breaking them. Ann just provides them with a handout about the rules then allows them to use the radio station hence many students fail to adhere to FCC set rules.

Advise to Ann for changes at the Station

Using the SLII leadership model, I would advise the program director to change the leadership style from the delegation level approach currently being used to coaching level (Northouse, 2015). The delegation level approach which Ann has employed in the station makes it easy for students to access the station without necessary information about its operations. Ann is oblivious to the consequences of allowing any student to use the station provided they have been given a handout about the rules. Changing to coaching level would be beneficial to both the students and Ann as it will help them to eliminate the problems at WCBA (Papworth, Milne, & Boak, 2009). The coaching level will provide students which more insights about the rules and why they need to adhere to these rules. Furthermore, using the coaching level, Ann can be able to mentor the students in developing announcements and successfully delivering their message while observing the rules.

Case Study 10.1: Everyone Loves Mrs. Noble

Mrs. Noble Followers

Mrs. Noble is the secretary of Essex High School. Through her interactions with the members of the school fraternity, she has been able to gain followers who adore her. Notable followers of Mrs. Noble include Essex High School student body who go for advice on several school activities from her. The faculty who consult with her about various issues regarding the school curriculum. The school alumni who praise her for the help she provided them with while they were studying. Lastly, the parents are also Mrs. Noble followers because they believe when a person wants to know about the school, they should consult with Mrs. Noble.

Outcomes of Mrs. Noble Servant Leadership

According to Table 10.1 from the course textbook, several writers have identified various characteristics that can be attributed to servant leadership. Mrs. Noble has attained almost all these features hence her leadership style should be considered servant leadership. Servant leadership has to achieve several outcomes which have been laid out in figure 10.1 in the course textbook (Northouse, 2015). According to this model of servant leadership, possible results are follower performance and growth, organizational performance, and societal impact. Mrs. Noble has been able to attain all these outcomes by putting her followers and their needs first which has helped them to grow and succeed while creating value to the community at the same time (Dennis, Kinzler-Norheim, & Bocarnea, 2010).


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May 17, 2023

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