America Civil Rights

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Over nearly a century ago

There was a large segment of African-American who was once poor and being mistreated, segregated on racial lines and generally handled like second-hand citizens of America. They were not accorded full citizenship rights in America; as a result, there used to be an uprising of civil rights movements. This research indicates how the actions helped the blacks get their rights and how they have continued to advocate for the redefinition of better phrases of civil servants and other marginalized groups in the US. Using both the major and secondary sources the study shows how these movements made daring steps that made the whole world to get information of the inhuman acts that were taking place in America. The study will show how these movements helped in the amendment of laws that led to the abolition of slaves and awarding of full citizenship to the blacks. The study also captures how the modern civil rights movement has continued in advocating for reforms in different sectors in the states.

America Civil Rights Movement

Civil rights movement also referred to as the America Civil Rights Movement is a movement that was hatched as a result of the continuous violation of human rights in the US. It was made up of groups, social movements, and strategies whose main agendum was to stop mistreatment and injustices inflicted on the African-American population in the US. The movement was driven by the urge to end racial segregation and discrimination in the country. In addition, they were also advocating for the legal recognition as stipulated the constitution and federal law. Their rights as full citizens of the state were not recognized like other Americans and they were treated like second-hand citizens (Tindall & Shi, 2016). The movement passed its agendum through civil resistance, nonviolent acts, and civil disobedience between 1955 and 1968.

These activities led to a crisis situation in the States and productive dialogues between the government agencies and business persons, the federal state, and local communities responding to the inequalities in which these groups of Americans were treated to. Therefore various forms of nonviolent protests and boycotts proceeded. There were conducted in groups but this gained pace that leaders such as Malcolm X, Martin Luther King Jnr, Andrew Goodman, Rosa Parks and others rose to prominence due to some extreme ways they used as individuals that caused a worldwide stir into actions of these people (Chong, 2014). However, with time the civil rights movement gained a massive boost when black, American soldiers returned from war determined to fight for their rights. End of racial segregation and discrimination in public facilities such as hospitals, schools, public vehicles, bus stops. They spearheaded violations of these laws that barred them from sharing these amenities with the whites; as a result, a number of them were arrested while others lost their lives in this struggle. The present study is aimed at examining the literature on America Civil Rights Movement. More so, the study will only delve into handling the knowledge on the topic and the method used in the study.

Literature Review

The violation of human rights, especially the African-American populations in America has been well documented by various scholars. In this regard, the civil movements that spearheaded the restoration of these rights have also been recognized all over the world by various historians, philosophers, and scholars. In this recognition, there has been also well documentation on means these civil movements used in advocating for human rights. However, there has been limited information on the clear number of deaths that occurred during these peaceful protests that took more than four decades.

Estes (2015)

Explains how the activities of civil movements at Charleston were not well documented, he says that this was largely due to the absence in public protests and extreme racial segregation in the town. However, he says that the impact the movement had on the city and the state at large, led to profound positive changes that had not been felt before the uprising of the movement in Charleston. Jeffries in his book he highlights majorly on what has changed and on what has not changed since the movement peaked up. He illustrates by comparing the race and social class in local politics, education, policing and employment of the locals in the locals' facilities.

Ling & Monlieth (2014)

In their book "Women in Civil Rights Movement", illustrated on how the women played a major role in civil movements that arose to fight for the rights of African-American. The two argued that the black women organized and championed for the abolition of laws such as ant lynching, tax payment and also advocated for equal rights in employment. The authors also tell us how the women led interracial movements in the early 20th century in order to reduce racial segregation and mistreatment of black Americans. Besides that, the women struggle for suffrage, temperance, and fair housing.

Button (2014)

Shows the relationship between the black Americans and the nature of treatment they received from the white. The source aimed at examining the massive changes that took place in the day to day lives of the blacks in America. Button recorded the events that took place with the uprising of the civil rights movement, the public protests and the final impact of these events have taken place from 1955-1968. He shows how the civil movement led to better lives being witnessed by the locals for once. The life with no barriers to either one being black or a Caucasian, freedom to educate their kids, use all public means, vote and generally use all public amenities just like any American citizen. The author indicates that to these African-American populations, the second liberation had been achieved.


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