An Introduction to Language

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The essay An Introduction to Language was written by Victoria Fromkin, Robert Rodman, and Nina Hyams. Cengage Learning released the tenth version in the year 2014. The tenth edition recollects lively explanations, unified pedagogy, and wit that have made the book a perennial bestseller as new information has been included, making each subject that is being explored topical and entertaining. The aim of this paper is to review the book An Introduction to Language. The article would concentrate on the key aspects of the reading and how they relate to the reader's life. The major reading points of the tenth edition in this book are the syntax, semantics and pragmatics, sociolinguistics, language processing and the human brain, computer processing of human language. All these topics have been restructured entirely and have been presented and illustrated clearly so that the readers or rather the students can comprehend easily despite their complexity. The thorough revision of the book was to reflect the progress in the field of linguistics and other linked fields since the understanding and the insight of the students was enhanced.

The reading is relevant to the reader_x0092_s life or rather to my life since new information has been added that renders each topic that is being discussed to be up-to-date, appealing and fresh for me. This is because the book has been made of vivid descriptions, unified pedagogics and wit that enhances my comprehension and perception. Moreover, it enables me to develop my language since all the morphological and linguistics characteristics have been interlaced throughout in revealing the universal parallels with verbal languages. For instance, the American Sign Language and other sign languages.


Fromkin, Victoria, Robert Rodman, and Nina Hyams. An introduction to language. Cengage Learning, 2010.

Fromkin, Victoria, Robert Rodman, and Nina Hyams. An introduction to language. Cengage Learning, 2013.

December 15, 2022

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