Diversity and Embracing Biases

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The MGH Institute - A Diverse and Inclusive Learning Environment

The MGH Institute is one of Massachusetts' top institutes for learning about and gaining expertise in the medical field. The school is one of the few with a diversified student body and a significant proportion of female pupils. It accepts students from all countries and racial groups. Each student is given the responsibility upon admission to enhance both their own and other students' educational experiences through their interactions and accomplishments.

Addressing Biases and Prejudices

Biases and prejudice based on people's backgrounds and origins are among the issues facing the globe today. Enhancing inclusion and the elimination of biases through constructive encounters between people from various backgrounds would be one of my responsibilities at the MGH institute. Majority of the people consider themselves free from biases, but interestingly, they are in their unconscious mind (Bodenhorn, Guinnane and Mroz 32). This leads to negative consequences and especially on the interaction with individuals from diverse backgrounds. To address this biases it is essential to first be mindful of their existence among groups and consequently learning how to manage them (Flynn, Holmberg and Warren 52). I would ensure that I treat other people how they want to be treated as opposed to how I prefer to treat them. This is essential because how people want to be treated is not homogeneous for everyone.

Recognizing and Overcoming Biases

Apparently, a big percentage of people don’t realize they have a problem. Equally, this amounts to the number of people who have a gap between who they think they are versus who they really are (Bodenhorn, Guinnane and Mroz 61). Biases can be brought about by either gender, sexuality, religious beliefs, ethnicity, body shape, accents, behaviors among other reasons which makes one have a feeling of denial and shame. I will avoid stereotyping by being more tolerant, have an open-minded way of conversing and uphold my respect for everyone.

Cultivating a Diverse and Inclusive Campus

To improve my experience at the campus and that of others I will keep in practice the traits of understandability, acceptance of people with different values, beliefs, qualities, and opinions at the campus. I will also enhance teamwork with my mates from different backgrounds, countries, cultures, and races. This will build on my knowledge about different cultures and their way of life. Diversity will build my strengths in team dynamics. It will also help in fulfilling the patient’s cultural, social and lingual needs of patients care and treatment (Parry and McCarthy 71). The healthcare sector is one of the most diverse sectors in any part of the world. Hospitals receive patients from all walks of life seeking treatment. I will ensure I learn various cultures and basic lingual phrases that will enhance my service delivery and cooperation with my colleagues.

Promoting Cultural Competence

Cultural competence is required of healthcare providers. This is to increase mutual respect, build trust, and promote the patients’ responsibility. Patients require to be heard and understood similarly to all human beings (Bodenhorn, Guinnane and Mroz 84). Cultural diversity is also beautiful when individuals feel accepted by individuals from other cultures. It also grows one's knowledge about how people live in other parts of the world. This will be among my priorities at the MGH Institute. I will also strive to be a leader of my own being as well as portray a role model figure to my peers. Leadership starts with self before it is practiced to others (Parry and McCarthy 134).

Embracing Inclusivity for a Fruitful Coexistence

In conclusion, I find it essential to acknowledge that human beings don’t exist in a vacuum. In this case, inclusivity and acceptance become every individual's dream in a team and institution. This is hence, my reason to focus on the eradication of biases as well as the promotion of diversity for a fruitful coexistence at the campus and in my healthcare service provision.

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April 13, 2023


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