Genetic Counseling

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Cancer cells within which of the following biopsy samples would be the best indicator that the cancer has metastasized and is circulating through the bloodstream? Lymph node.

Question 2

All normal human body cells contain 46


Question 3

What can be concluded about the ability of doctorate-category sperm to help produce children that are smarter than average? Children produced by this type of sperm have an approximately 72 percent chance of being more intelligent than average.

Question 4

Which of the following pairs of people would provide the most useful information to geneticists, regarding the heritability of a certain trait? Monozygotic twins separated into different households soon after birth.

Question 5

DNA is often likened to an instructional manual. According to this analogy, the typographical errors that would inevitably result when the DNA “manual” is transcribed would be similar to:  Mutant alleles.

Question 6

Match the following term to its definition:

Alleles- Alternate forms of genes

Phenotype- Physical traits

Gametes- Sex cells

Gonads- Sex organs

Genes- Small segments of DNA that code for proteins

Crossing over- Occurs during prophase I of Meiosis I.

Meiosis- Results in a reduced number of chromosomes

Mitosis- Results in two identical daughter cells

Segregation- The separation of a pair of alleles.

Quantitative traits- Traits with a wide range of phenotypes like color, height, and intelligence

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