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Zane shares a home with a friend in Zenith St. Petersburg's 17th Block Magana Flowers Driver even though he does not yet have a fixed address. He has spent the last five moves temporarily residing with the buddy. He previously resided with his folks in Moscow, Russia's 10th Block of Forest Road. He had issues at home with his family, especially his father, who became aware of his strange actions. He was forced to leave the house after his relationship with other members of the family deteriorated. The stay was rather difficult since he could not behave or act maturely or understandably such that other members of the family could relate well to him. Even his closest member of the family- his mother- was unable to interact with him well. That is why Zane has been forced to stay at a correctional facility. In fact, when at home the family argues a lot about his drugs condition that has influenced his capacity to act normally.

Genogram of Mr. Zane




Football Team

Community Service



Actions Required

By Whom

By When

Community service. The first and the important step in full recovery of Zane is to have him occupied. Distracting him mind from idleness will help him improve his condition. It will also help in reducing the rate of addiction.

The activity will be done by Zane in help with the correctional facility and his family. The two groups play a significant role in showing Zane that all is not lost. Zane requires full support mainly psychological support to ensure that he does not want fell unwanted.

These activities should be achieved within five weeks. The community service will be partial to instill responsibility while the extra job will be to help Zane participate in something that is beneficial to him. This can be achieved within the first five weeks through ensuring continuous commitment from all the involved parties.

Part-time job

The work should be payable but at a reduced amount. A rescued compensation is important to maintain responsibility and accountability on the side of the victim (World Health Organization, 2012).

The activity will involve Zane and any other willing institution. However, the correctional facility will try to support Zane in finding a suitable position. It will also write a letter to recommend him as a potential and suitable candidate.

The activity will take about 12 weeks. From the time of initiation, the activity will take approximately 12 weeks to ensure that there is sufficient time to monitor Zane’s improvement and his level of responsibility such that when is he is left to care for himself he will be ready to take all the responsibilities.


Education and Employment


Actions Required

By Whom

By When

To go back to playing football. It is important to encouraged Zane to go back to playing as an outdoor activity that will keep him occupied. Considering that he used to like playing it is easy for him to go back to the same outdoor function. This will help him improve his social life skills and general body health. Additionally, it will help him keeping him mind occupied.

Zane is primarily responsible for his behavior. Thus, this activity will purely include him and other friends who will be willing to join. The team will also be very important for him as learns to build back a social life that is acceptable by others. This will also help him in learning how to interact with his younger siblings that he likes very much.

The activity will take at ten weeks. This time will be sufficient for Zane to get his life back to track.

Alcohol and Other Drugs


Actions Required

By Whom

By When

Counselling lessons. The lessons are important to Zane to remind on the importance of the course of recovery. He is a drug addict who has abused different types of narcotics. Evidently, he must constantly be reminded about the importance of staying focused and avoiding ways that will end up where he started.

Another Activity is taking medication while in the mental clinic. As part of withdrawal, he is likely to experience difficulties coping with his system clean of the substance he has been using. For that to happen, he must be put under medication for a while depending on the recommendations of the physicians. This will help his system get rid of the toxic material that is in his blood system (Abraham, & Michie, 2008)).

Another critical activity needed is to have a strict rule against alcohol and other drugs. Zane must be prevented from taking alcohol, by all means, to improve his health and reduce his addiction.

The counseling lessons will be conducted by the correctional institution. Considering that the facility has the medical professional with the critical knowledge of dealing with his condition, it is essential that it be conducted in the same facility.

The medication will also be administered by the physicians. This will ensure that Zane does not skip taking his medication as he undergoes the recovery process. In fact, it is essential for him to persistently take his medication according to his schedule to ensure he stands a chance of recovering. It is recommended that he take full dose to avoid issues of withdrawal.

Having strict rule will ensure that he does not embark on abusing the drugs again. The correctional facility will regulate the activity

These activities will take a duration of three months or as recommended by the medical professional.

The process of medication will also be determined by a medical professional depending on his response to medication.

The rules will also be allowed administered as per his response, but it is expected to take about 8 weeks.


Relationships and Sexuality

Actions Required

By Whom

By When

Strengthen his relationship with his girlfriend. Zane has been dating Jodie, and it is important to have her support him as he goes through the process of recovery. This can be done by allowing Jodie to visit him often.

The two have had an intimate relationship, and things have been good between them. According to Meeks, & Kelly (2012), family and friends play a critical role in the recovery of drug addicts. As such, there is affection between the couple, hence, Zane stands to benefit more in the presence of Jodie.

The Activity will involve Zane and Jodie.

This activity will not have a specific time frame but will be expected to last for long. This way Zane will be able to have a companion that will support him as tries to recover.


Communication with Client

To engage Zane in this communication, it will be essential to formulate a strategy that will make him realize that the process is purely meant to help him. The first step will be introduced Zane to the process or rehabilitation from drugs. This process entails showing him the importance of the process itself and the way it will help him get back to healthy life. The second step is to introduce him to the physicians who will be undertaking the process and helping him. This create a high level of confidence with his physicians as he undergoes a recovery process. The third thing will be to introduce him back to social life through bringing back to his life those people whom he cares much about and also those who cares about him. Lastly, the final process will entail embarking on the whole course through each step.

Depending on my client, I would modify my communication in a number of ways to suit the needs of the situation. First it will to make the verbal communication to have a more friendly tone. Friendlier tones are likely to attract the audience to receive the information and accept the message. This will help him develop confidence in my support towards his recovery. I will also maintain a high level of professionalism in my communication to make him understand that he is in a process that needs full commitment.


Abraham, C., & Michie, S. (2008). A taxonomy of behavior change techniques used in interventions. Health psychology, 27(3), 379.

Meeks, D. E., & Kelly, C. (2012). Family therapy with the families of recovering alcoholics. Quarterly Journal of Studies on Alcohol.

World Health Organization. (2012). European action plan to reduce the harmful use of alcohol 2012-2020.

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