Importance of College Education

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The Importance of Education

The introduction of learning methods to people, such as reading, has been in effect for the last 200 years. Language, however, evolved over several centuries ago, with Egypt as the first known civilization to have a method of writing as early as 3400 BC. Initially, education was only open to wealthy families (Lawson & Silver, 2013). Over the years, it has grown to include every individual in the world. Education is important to the development of the person, especially intellectually. Although many people especially young individuals despise college education, its importance transcends the notion that it is the path of getting a good job.

Improving Skills and Talents

College Education is important to me in that it improves my skills as a student such as my love for art. If a person is talented in a certain field, college can give that person the chance to enhance that skill. A person with an artistic skill such as drawing and painting can improve it by attending college. High school gives a portion of the skill. Students who study architecture can further their knowledge in this field in a college rather than if they had dropped out of school. College to some extent is like a booster to the skills that individual have. It fine tunes these skills and talent so that the student can be ready for the real world.

Access to Top Experts and Intellectual Growth

College education is important to me because it allows a student to listen to top experts in different fields. The availability of these experts who come in the form of lecturers encourages the students to think critically. They also allow the students to explore new ideas and ask questions. The student therefore develops intellectual and can solve issues or problems easily compared to a person who has not attended college. The new knowledge gives a person an edge in the real world over those individuals that have not experienced higher education especially in the job market. College education is also important to me because it has helped me make connections with people from different regions and from different cultural backgrounds.

Staying Away from Bad Company

College education has also allowed me to keep away from bad company and being part of criminal activities. Many youths have fallen into these vices because of being idle (Gallupe & Baron, 2014). Attending college ensures that a person is always busy. The mind is constantly active, meeting with new people and sharing ideas. College education can be seen as the breakthrough for a person that wants to have a better future. Although college is not affordable to many individuals, there are short courses that people can manage. I go to a two year college because of finances but I hope I will be a better person in the society. I also know that I will grow intellectually.

The Compulsory Nature of College Education

College education should be compulsory for every person. Many people however take college education as only a test that organizes people into different occupation. However, college education offers more than that such as developing an individual's skills or talent. It also helps a person to grow as well as receive guidance from top experts in different fields. College education helps to keep many youths from being involved in illegal ventures. It can be identified that college education has many positive elements that many people are missing. All people should attend college whether its for a two year period or four years. Many people will benefit as a result.


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Gallupe, O., & Baron, S. W. (2014). Morality, self-control, deterrence, and drug use: Street youths and situational action theory. Crime & Delinquency, 60, 284-305.

October 12, 2022

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