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Over the years and in current times, I have been faced a couple of challenging situations. However, outstanding among such occurred at my vicinity of work. I offered part-time service at the time; I was once confronted with a demand by management to maintain specific details way from our clients. I answered to the situation by notifying administration of the ethical factors related with such actions and the issue used to be corrected. I made such a decision because I have been well-informed of the detrimental effects of unethical practices on business organizations. I wouldn’t have performed anything differently in such case. There used to be a need to choose between what is proper and wrong. Hence, I made the right choice. It was a tough choice for me at the time because I knew my job security could be affected by my decision to confront management. However, I spoke to a colleague at work about the issue, and she said: “years from now you’ll look back and regret if you don’t make the right decision.”

I have been in a couple of situations where I have witnessed unfair treatments. However, I will like to discuss an event that happened to my friend of which I witness. My friend and I were at the shopping mall. After we completed our shopping exercise to was time to pay up. We went to the cashier; he was a little angry because at the time his computer was malfunctioning, so he spoke rudely to my friend. I had the option of reporting him to his company which would have cost him his job, but I chose advice him on the concept of effective customer relations. I would not have done anything differently at the time because I was able to save a job and provide the needed orientation. The event of that day had a couple of impact on who I am today. I learned that when we make decisions, we should consider the most suitable option for all parties involved.

November 11, 2021
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