Plagiarism or not?

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In their analysis of 2006, Hermann, Kappe F., et al describe plagiarism in an essay entitled Plagiarism-A Survey, as the appropriation of scholarly or academic work by others, the adoption of ideas by someone without crediting a person, the provision of misleading information about the source of a quote or idea, or the fact that someone else's work forms the larger part of your work, whether your credit or not. Plagiarism-The Survey. To this point, plagiarism is considered to be academic fraud. The use of models, content management systems, and/or form letters in academia is commonplace and justified. This paper, therefore, seeks to contest the notion that using a template, content management system or form letter is an act of plagiarism.

The use of templates is overly unavoidable. In order to construct a building, an engineer will need an architectural design to act as a guide to the construction of the house. Templates merely serve the same purpose; they do not provide the material for the work (document), but they point to the path the writer is supposed to follow in configuring a document. In the academy, intellectual theft is usually blamed on ignorance about authorship and attribution, procrastination that leads students to cheat, or the consciously cheating one’s way up the ladder (Chris 34).

Content management system is designed to help the writer weave a document following an established paradigm. It aids the writer in, among other things, editing and managing the format of a document. It is hard to contest that plagiarism is widespread, especially in such times when the populace is trying to get above itself. Competition in marketing especially in the marketing of hotels and resorts as well as homes and properties has scaled the vice (Chris 32). Use of the content management system does not lead to any document but is a path to the document.

A form letter is basically a written-on-paper template. They provide the writer with stylistic elements that are specifically tailored to meet the requirements of a given writer. This, especially, is with regard to the structure. Sometimes, form letters are used by busy people, especially the government functionaries and business people as responses to the many letters (emails) received. Nevertheless, this is not to say that this is plagiarism since there is necessarily no pointing to a situation of lack of citation as one can come up with his/her own message template

It suffices to argue that the use of the above-discussed technologies goes a long way to helping curve better academic and non-academic documents. They provide a blueprint to a writer with regard to how a given work or paper should be written.


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Maurer, Hermann, Frank Kappe, and Bilal Zaka. "Plagiarism-A Survey". J. UCS 12.8 (2006): 1050-1084. Print.

August 09, 2021


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