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In this essay, the student skillfully illustrates how learning-disabled youngsters experience a variety of problems that the general public is unaware of. When one observes other people's actions firsthand, their perspective does in fact change significantly. The simulation test's major takeaway is that teachers need to be aware of the difficulties faced by students with learning problems. The student has emphasized the value of exposing other students and teachers to interactions with kids who have autism and other disabilities. Once one has encountered the challenges that these kids face, they can comprehend the type of difficulty that they feel throughout learning exercises (Ayres & Robbins, 2005). The idea that the activity is eye opening is true, and I would also support that teachers are accorded the opportunities to try out the simulations.

The activity is considerably informative as the student attests that at the beginning the activity seems enjoyable. However, as one progress it becomes frustrating and it is at these stages that one learns the kind of frustrations and how challenging students with learning disabilities encounter. In my opinion it would be worthwhile to ensure that the entire staff try out and understand the activities in the disabilities awareness week as it would assist in creating awareness to the entire team and help the children with learning disabilities understand their problems frustrations (Ayres & Robbins, 2005).. Educators ought to learn how it feels to have learning disabilities so that they can help the students with special needs and make it easier for them to be used in the structure of the curriculum.


Ayres, A. J., & Robbins, J. (2005). Sensory integration and the child: Understanding hidden

sensory challenges. Western Psychological Services.

February 09, 2023

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