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The Presentation of Research

The presentation of research must account for the many participant viewpoints and guarantee that the likelihood of bias is avoided (Landrum, 2014). In his TED Talk, "Do Schools Kill Creativity," Ken Robinson discusses the results of his investigation into whether school systems use procedures and regulations that limit students' creative expression (Robinson, 2016). The presentation starts with the speaker grabbing the audience's attention. He accomplishes this by providing educationally relevant, hilarious real-life information.

Intolerance in Educational Institutions

The makes the case that intolerance is a common practice in educational institutions, particularly when fresh concepts that encourage children's creativity are put forth. Robinson asserts that schools are focused too much in educating rather than recognizing and nurturing creativity among children. He cites various individuals whose creativity set them apart from the norm and succeeded in shaping the world. In his arguments for the need of creativity in schools, he cites real-life cases that support his findings. In addition, the speaker presents positive and negative arguments that critique his research findings and eliminates the possibility of biased argument (Landrum, 2014). The presentation takes into consideration research that has been published and case examples to make his point and validate his findings with respect to the need for creativity in schools.

The Speaker's Expertise and Evidence

The speaker is an experienced individual who knows how to capture the attention of the audience and keep them interested in the entire presentation. In addition, he ensures that his arguments are supported by evidence, and the information presented is derived from published research, interviews, and real-life case studies (Robinson, 2016). The presentation adheres to professionalism, eliminates bias by examining both pros and cons of an argument. His conclusions and recommendations are objective and actionable; therefore, they can contribute towards the development of school policies that promote creativity in children.


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April 13, 2023

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