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The Purpose of the Study

The purpose of this study paper is to look into the biases in American institutions that deter conservatives from pursuing a career in academia. It is critical to promote an open and unfettered exchange of ideas, regardless of political philosophy or affiliation. It is impossible to deny that liberals control American academia. The research is aimed at a variety of audiences, including US residents and university employees.

Variables in the Study

The variables in the study are well defined. The study will look into two dependent variables: political bias and academic career choices. The study's goal is to determine academic career paths by analyzing replies from individuals who attended college but did not pursue an academic profession. Political ideology is the independent variable. The current political environment and issues separating left from right politics define the independent variable.

Study Methodology and Hypothesis

The objective of the study will be achieved by administering questionnaires to students in colleges and professors working in the academic and non-academic institution. The hypothesis of the study is based on the notion that liberals value intellectual pursuits and the ability to influence social change more than the conservatives.

Weaknesses of the Research Paper

The research paper has several weaknesses. The type of research design that will be used in the study is not defined. It lacks a sampling strategy for recruiting participants into the study. The targeted sample size is not defined in the research proposal. The exclusion and inclusion criterion is not defined in the paper. The research does not address ethical issues that need to be considered when dealing with human subjects. It is mandatory for research studies to promote ethical principles such as the autonomy of persons. The principle of autonomy advocates for the obtaining free and voluntary consent from study participants. Ensuring confidentiality and privacy of information provided by study participants is essential in research. The study is prone to various types of bias such as reporting bias that needs to be addressed to increase its reliability and validity. The research paper does not address the limitations of the study.

May 02, 2023

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