Should Marijuana be used as a medical option for Cancer patients?

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You have been requested to take part in a study to see whether marijuana should be regarded as a medical treatment option for cancer patients.

The goal of this study is to investigate the beneficial and negative effects of marijuana on cancer patients.

If you accept to participate in the research project, you will be requested to: Conduct thorough research activities, including interviews with medical practitioners, on the effects of utilizing marijuana as a treatment alternative for cancer patients.I will also be required to liaise with the medical practitioners in interviewing cancer patients using Marijuana as a medical option on the benefits and risks they experience while using the drug as a cure.

Possible risk or discomfort associated with this study is: Spending much time in hospitals or medical facilities will be a discomfort. Also, interviewing cancer patients will be discomfort since some are likely to experience sickness during the interviews. Also, carrying out medical tests alongside the medical practitioners will be a discomfort on my side since I am not a medical student.

Possible benefit from this study is: It will help provide concrete evidence on whether Marijuana is a worthy medicine option for cancer patients or not.

What will happen to the information collected in the study (address confidentiality): The participants of this research such as the medical practitioners and the cancer patients will first be sensitized on what the research is about. Additionally, they will be required to provide consent to the publication of the findings of the research once the whole process ends. If the project is successful, the information collected in this study will be published or subjected to cross-reference from other research institutions.

If you have questions during the course of the study: Questions during a research process are bound to arise. For now, I do not have questions about the study but if I have a question in due time I will address it with the relevant person or people.

If you change your mind about being in the study: The subject of the study is sensitive; however, I am confident that I will be present in the research process till the end unless I come across unforeseen circumstances.

By signing this document, you are agreeing to be in the study. You will be given a copy of this

document for your records and one copy will be kept with the study records. Be sure that questions you have about the study have been answered and that you understand what you

are being asked to do.

I agree to participate in the study.

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April 19, 2023

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Study Marijuana Cancer

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