Some Ways of Reducing Expatriate Turnover

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According to market research and business studies, some of the key ways to manage expatriate attrition are due to two key reasons: work-related factors and global environment influences (Bhuian, & Mengue, 2002).

When these two causes are properly managed, the turnover of expatriates can be minimized. As a result, it seems that we need to update and develop the two most critical areas of our market in order to attract jobs and continue to excel in the future. In the attempt to determine the best methods of reducing expatriate turnover, our institution needs to hire the right people who fit to undertake the various jobs and positions for us to ensure that most of the workers are retained in the company. Our firm needs to fire or do away with the people who do not fit in the jobs offered. Our company needs to go further in promoting our dedicated and hardworking expatriates through means such as keeping compensation and benefits to workers and also paying them well for their living standards to be met. This, when done, will tend to keep up with our employee's developments and their rising worth (Bhuian, & Mengue, 2002). Our firm also needs to recognize and reward employees to ensure that the employees become loyal people whose works can be relied upon. In the attempt of encouraging employee generosity and gratitude, it helps the expatriates and their employers to connect with each other making them healthier and happy. This also tends to encourage them to express healthy behaviors hence the expatriate employee turnover will be reduced.

The External Environmental Factors

These include our organizational climate, supervisory behaviors, and the management strategies involved. Our firm needs to consider an appropriate organization culture that would create a right and a very distinct atmosphere that would be felt by the workers (Runion, & Brittain, 2006). Different expatriates come from different countries with adverse cultures and norms. This means it may be hard for them to adjust to the different standards and morals of the firm employing them. The beliefs and values of our organization need to be reviewed not to affect the workers negatively.

In the supervisory behaviors, the managers and top decision-makers need not be extremely strict in handling the employees and instead should be moderate in dealing with such issues. The manager should opt to increase the active managerial behaviors and reduce the negative ones. They need not get angry, cold or unfriendly to the workers, acting upon their welfares but on the firm's aid as a whole or even judging the workers without first checking all sides of the problem. On the positive note, the manager needs to listen to their employees and recognize their efforts; they do need to admit their mistakes whenever they happen and stop blaming them on their workers (Runion & Brittain, 2006). They also need to do what they say they are going to do at the right time.

Regarding management, I do believe that our firm needs to look into the following in reducing employee turnover. The expatriate manager needs to consider technical ability, adaptability, emotion and attitude, family resilience, and maturity of the expatriate before employing them (Runion, & Brittain, 2006). The manager should also be non-judgmental and apply their skills of understanding and control their expatriates in the firms. Given the above points, I will be delighted to discuss these recommendations with you during our next meeting and make a follow-up on any decisions that you will take.


Bhuian, S. N., & Mengue, B. (2002). An extension and evaluation of job characteristics, organizational commitment and job satisfaction in an expatriate, guest worker, sales setting. Journal of Personal Selling & Sales Management, 22(1), 1-11.

Runion, M., & Brittain, J. (2006). How to say it performance reviews: Phrases and Strategies for painless and productive performance reviews. New York: Prentice Hall Press/Penguin Group.

December 08, 2022

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