the status of occupational stress in hospitals and their corresponding impact on nurses’ performance.

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The study's major goals were to investigate the prevalence of occupational stress in hospitals and its impact on nurse performance. Secondly, the text acknowledges that employee turnover is one of the key variables influencing healthcare quality. It also mentions that the condition is becoming more prevalent among occupations with the most recent figures. Nurse turnover has a negative impact on the quality of medical services provided to patients. It has also raised the cost of healthcare because hospitals are spending more money on recruitment and training. Additionally, high turnover rates have an impact on nurses' morale, affecting their capacity to provide quality services. Notably, poor working conditions, healthcare commitment, and job stress are some of the most common variables that force the professionals to their workplace (Mosadeghrad, 2013). Yet, despite the crucial role played by nurses in providing healthcare and patient management services, occupational stress continues to undermine their efforts by influencing job satisfaction, thus serving as turnover predictor. Secondly, such factors can also cause an increase in the burnout. Furthermore, stressors lower nurses’ attention, decision-making skills as well as their ability to make a quality judgment (Mosadeghrad, 2013). Therefore, the main purpose of this article was to determine some of the impacts of the occupational stress on the medical professionals’ productivity.

The study was trying to respond to some of the research questions from the study. First, the article was attempting to discover what the level of occupational level was. Secondly, the author was trying to establish what the influence of these stressors was. Lastly, the study wanted to answer the question on what was the relationship between these stressors and the turnover rates among nurses (Mosadeghrad, 2013). It is evident that all these questions were related to the main purpose of the study.

Methods of Study

Qualitative research was sufficient to answer all the questions under the study. The author ensured that different samples were used from separate areas. For instance, the study uses information from hospitals, the ministry, and other social organization. The wide range of samples was important in providing reliable information. However, the research did not have a specific perspective of the study. All the targeted population was involved in healthcare either directly or indirectly. The researcher cites various studies that were used to achieve his objectives. For instance, the author states that literature review was carried out to determine the type of occupational question to be used in the study. From the work, the researcher was able to compile all the 30 questions used in the study. Most sources and references utilized by the author were current. For instance, most qualitative studies exceed the five years limit. However, these sources are considered as relevant as far as they are used in a qualitative study. Contrastingly, all the quantitative researches referred by the author are all within the five years limit. Furthermore, the work does not state or evaluate any weakness that may be present in it. As such, the reviewed literature was sufficient, since the author used it to gather all the 30 questions used in the study. Finally, the researcher applies a conceptual framework to represent all the variables utilized in the article. This theory not only shows all the variables, but at the same time, presents the relationship between the independent variables and the dependent one in the study.

Results of the Study

The study found out that a third of the nurses had high-stress levels. The article has also found that the most common sources of this stress were work inequality, shortage of staff, promotion issues, and poor management. Furthermore, 35% of the nurses stated that they were considering quitting their occupations.

These study findings had several nursing implications. First, the article alerts the healthcare stakeholders to evaluate and determine the level of the occupational stress. It also establishes the implications of these factors to nurses’ productivity. Furthermore, this study adds to the already known knowledge regarding the occupational stressors among nursing personnel. This aspect impacts society’s knowledge, especially in the determination of the turnover intentions among patients.

Ethical Consideration

The author does not state whether the study was presented for approval by an institutional review board. However, patients’ privacy was highly protected. First, the study offered the patients with the right to confidentiality and self-determination. The respondents’ contribution was also treated with the highest level of confidentiality. Moreover, the names of participants were not recorded to prevent any chances of leaking their identities. These measures of ethical consideration were given regarding the treatment of the nurses by their superiors in the industry.


Occupational stressors have an established relationship with the high rates of employees’ turnover. It is based on the results from the questionnaires that examined the link between the former and the level of the professional stress among them. Job-related issues caused moderate drain, whereas factors such as time pressure, job insecurity, and poor management were the most frequent causes. These findings imply that healthcare managers should come up with strategies that are intended to reduce occupational stress among nurses.


Mosadeghrad, A. M. (2013). Occupational stress and turnover intention: Implications for nursing management. International Journal of Health Policy and Management, 1(2), 169-176.

May 10, 2023

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