The Structuring of Instructions

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Being a teacher is not an easy job because everyday preparation of objectives and activities is essential to its success. The curriculum must be covered in general terms by the teacher for both the upcoming semester and the entire academic year. According to each student's unique demands, the plan should emphasize all potential tactics that would make learning possible for every student. It is a fact that all children, regardless of whether they have special needs, experience some degree of learning difficulties, emotional problems, or anxiety, therefore teachers must determine the best approach to deal with them (Burden & Byrd, 2015). An effective structuring of instruction in classroom help in the expansion of a cognizant orientation towards teaching and learning as the central focus of all activities taking place in the class.

It is the structure of instruction by the teacher that determines how content and skills are passed to the learners in the classroom. The effective instructional preparations for the teacher involves precise identification of learning objectives with a direct connection to the learners’ needs. Secondly, the teacher needs to create a quality assignment. The assignment should be allied with quality instruction as well as quality student work to ensure that skills are being delivered when the students are doing the assignment. Timing also needs to be accommodated in the instructional planning to administer whether the set objectives are being realized as scheduled. The last thing that must not be left out at all costs is the creation of instructions depending on the learning styles of various students. Remember, students have different learning skills and therefore generalizing them when forming instructional strategy cannot work for all. Set goals and design classroom according to students learning styles and attention spans (Burden & Byrd, 2015). All these will help in meeting the needs of students if used when structuring of classroom instruction.


Burden, P. R., & Byrd, D. M. (2015). Methods for effective teaching: Meeting the needs of all students. Pearson.

March 10, 2023

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