Diversity and Equity

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Our findings on the classroom data shot were described using four main statistical methods. The mean, median, and standard deviation fall under this category. Given that some study aspects were more important than others, the weighted average was a highly important and useful statistical tool for accurate analysis because straight averages frequently do not. Weighted averages are frequently used in descriptive statistical analysis, particularly in decision-making because some factors under consideration are of greater relevance than others, according to Reimann et al. (2011). On the other hand, the statistical means serve as measures of central tendency, and these are the mean and median (Weisberg, 2011). The two give an idea regarding where the data tends to cluster around. The median is widely used as the robust mean in cases where the data is skewed with multiple outliers (Weisberg, 2011). Lastly, the standard deviation is a measure of how to spread the data is from the mean.

A majority of the data lie within one standard deviation from the mean. Particularly for ethnicity, the mean is 4.34, slightly below the median which is 5 meaning that the students come from a variety of ethnic groups. The standard deviation is at 1.03 implying that the majority group which is the White/ Caucasian are slightly more when compared to the other groups and the average mean. This sends a message that diversity and equity in education are of great necessity and paramount as students are mainly comprised of different ethnic groups. However, a majority of the students are white compared to the people of other races. They occupy 71.73 percent of the total population of the students who participated in the study. Native Hawaiian was the least minority of all the races. Just as skin color skews towards one race, the white, gender also played a major role in the study as a majority of the students were female making up 72.30 percent of the total population.

Given the fact that the responses that were taken relied heavily on one side of the characteristics of the subjects especially gender, race, and ethnicity, it was important to add an average weight to the most significance elements of the research. This is in order to evenly distribute the data and arrive at precision in the subsequent study questions. All the data sets had the weighted mean equal to the actual mean and a standard deviation of below one with only on data with only two having a standard deviation slight above one at 1.01 and 1.03. In this regard, this data set is statistically varied and reliable to make conclusions regarding diversity and equity in education.

The Data Set that Merits Our Attention

The data set from our classroom survey that merits our attention is question four which states that ‘the teachers that I currently interact or work with hold students accountable despite their difficult circumstances.' The reason behind this is that this question directly and in straightforward way answer the question of Diversity and Equity in Education. With 16.07 percent of the students interviewed strongly agreeing with the supposition that teachers hold students accountable despite their difficult circumstance and a 63.64 percent agreeing to it sends a unanimous message that diversity exists in education and equity is not highly held.

Furthermore, a negligible percentage of the students, 9.72 disagree with the supposition. Nevertheless, with a standard deviation of less than one and a weighted average equal to mean, it is evident that the supposition stands a substantial ground to be taken as truth.

Therefore, this data set merits our attention by confirming our fears that diversity exists in our education system. It is desirable to have equity in education as opposed to diversity given the existence of a collection of different races, gender, and ethnicity. It is only through equity that the performance amongst students of all gender, race, and ethnic diversity will thrive.

How I Would Go About Addressing Data Point in the Question Above Based on Howards’ Book

Through research, Howard affirms that there exists diversity in how teachers address students from different classism, culture, race issues, ethnicity, and language (Howard, 2010). According to Howard (2010), such diversity has great impacts on the achievement of students classifying them on levels while increasing the achievement gap between races. Our data set is not any different from the fears raised by Howard. In this regard, teachers ought to adapt to comprehending and connecting to students of diverse populations, in particular different races, ethnic groups, and gender (Clark, Zygmunt & Howard, 2016). Failure to observe this recommendation will only heighten the disconnection and division amongst the students of a different race, ethnic group and gender. What is more, this sought of division and disconnect could be disastrous to the students from the minority races, gender, and ethnic groups with regard to their achievement. Negative ramifications could emerge from not assessing and handling the necessities of the students in this gap (Milner, 2014).


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March 15, 2023

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