Does The Sample Size Matter?

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I think Smart PLS is easier to use in comparison to SPSS software. Few steps are required in during analysis using Smart PLS.SEM analysis can be easily manipulated and path coefficients displayed to show the R squared values and p-values at each level.

2.  Does the sample size matter?  Why

Sample size is an important factor to be considered in research. The higher the sample size, the closer it draws to the population, hence giving more accurate results. Smart PLS is safe for small sample size but for SPSS bigger samples are better.

3.  Does establishing a p-value matter?  Why?

The p-values are important and matter in any research. They are important in determining if the effect of one variable to another is significant. This is necessary in decision making of the set hypothesis. Significant variables will have p values that are less than the significant values while not significant variables have p values larger than the significant level.

September 04, 2023

Science Psychology

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