Frequent Training Cost

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The evolution of filmmaking process and how digital technology has contributed to its growth

I. History of evolution of filmmaking

A. Previous film making methods

i. Invention of kinetophraph

ii. First film to be screened in the public

iii. The invention of film studios

iv. The first close-up shot

v. The first theatre showing cinemas

vi. The introduction of sound systems in the film industry

a) Limitations faced in the past in the film industry

B. The revolution of digital technology in the film industry

i. Definition of digital revolution

ii. Digital cinematography

iii. Introduction of digital technology in the film industry

iv. Introduction of computer generated features in the cinema production

v. First film to utilize digital technology

vi. Advancement of digital technology today

II. Advantages of digital technology in film industry

i. Cost effectiveness

ii. Distribution of recorded films has been simplified

iii. It is easier to operate digital cinema devices than analog cinema

iv. Light sensitivity

III. Disadvantages of digital technology in filmmaking

i. High Cost of Adaption

ii. High rate of Piracy

iii. The theatre market faces competition from consumers

iv. Frequent Training Cost

September 25, 2023

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