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Hurricane survival

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A hurricane is classified as any tropical or subtropical storm with winds of more than 74 miles per hour. It will also form unexpectedly from small clusters of thunderstorms. As a result, it is important for people to be prepared at all times. While there are many things people can do, the easiest approach is to plan ahead of time.
It is important to compensate for the likelihood of being without electricity for an extended period of time. In the event of a nonviolent hurricane, power should be restored quickly. However, in the case of a severe hurricane, the city could be without electricity for days or weeks. It is also impossible to get weather alerts if you do not have access to devices such as a television or a computer (Drakeford 1). Therefore, it fundamental to have a generator to ensure there is electricity till the power returns. However, this should be kept away from the rain and rising water. At the same time, special attention should be given to proper ventilation to reduce risk of carbon monoxide poisoning.
Also, it is fundamentally crucial protect the property against the storm. If the house does not have permanent storm shutters, it is critical to board up the windows with plywood. Further, Majority of the storm damages emerge from high wind as it can rip or blow anything that is not well secured (Drakeford 1). As such, it is important to attend to the landscaping around the home making sure all trees and shrubs are trimmed to render them unable to cause damage to the property during a hurricane. The windows, doors, and roofs should be retrofitted to protect them better. This should be done before the season begins.
Similarly, people need to oversee that stock up water and food if they are not evacuated from home. It is imperative to collect much water and enough nonperishable food before the storm. There should be a gallon of water each family member alongside canned food items as well as manual can openers in case of loss of power (Matison 1). When electricity goes out, things like refrigerators with cease working and for people to give themselves the best shot at survival, they should have a well-stocked pantry of canned foods and bottled water sufficient for a minimum of three days. Provisions should be made for pets at home as well.
While all these steps are significantly essential for overhead preparation, it is also fundamental to have an evacuation plan which should be followed when report comes to do that. This is because, at some point, individuals may be forced to leave home which calls for a need to have a strategy on how to evacuate and stick to it (Matison 1). Individuals should have their bags ready to go in case it comes to point where leaving cannot be avoided. The luggage should contain important items such as significant documents, prescriptions, water, foods, fits aid kits and money as well as irreplaceable things like family heirlooms. In case, evacuation is to be made using a vehicle; it is critical to ensure the tank is full of fuel.
Indeed, it is imperative to ensure prior preparation to survive a hurricane. As identified, people need to prepare to go without people for some time, stock up water and food, protect the property against the storm and put in place an evacuation plan to follow when told. All these and other measure are a critic to ensuring mitigation of a huge number of challenges that accompany the incidences.

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August 09, 2021


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