Journey Through the World of Aerospace Engineering

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a) Momentum wheel is applied in stabilization of rotational position of spacecraft. It is realized by spinning the flywheel to maximum. On the other hand in reaction wheel, it is aimed to control the rotational position and velocity of the spacecraft around the axis of the flywheel. It is achieved by rotating the flywheel in an opposite direction to spacecraft.

b) The ring laser work on the principle of gyroscopic inertia.  The ring laser cavity rotates about its axis at a resonance frequency resulting in a typically far angular velocity

c) Inertial guidance is a form of guidance used by aircrafts or submarines using mechanisms which directs the crafts to follow a specific path. An example is F-35B.

Works Cited

Schreiber, K. U., et al. "Direct measurement of diurnal polar motion by ring laser gyroscopes." Journal of Geophysical Research: Solid Earth 109.B6 (2004).

September 25, 2023

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