Meaningful Gift: The Modern World

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Meaningful Gift
The modern world is fast-paced and filled with numerous challenges. Aside from that, there are various traumatizing incidents around the world, such as terrorist attacks, increased lifestyle incidence, and chronic illnesses. Despite the difficulties, being with my boyfriend has been the most important gift I have got in the past year. I spent several years with my family but always felt that something was missing from my life. The way I live has changed since I met my boyfriend, and every moment has been more enjoyable. My boyfriend means a lot to me because he brings me joy and keeps me safe.
I have been disappointed for several times after having affairs with people who I trusted but later ended breaking my heart. My boyfriend is a cool person who always listens to my points and considers my wishes as the first priority. Also, the man is full of courage and always ready to support my ambitions in all means. Moreover, the gentleman is very romantic and keeps me in touch even when I am far away from our place. He makes me feel high when I am feeling low and makes me happier when I am sad. Further, my man provides the reason why I should live since I enjoy his love more than anything else. We share everything during the times of good and bad. Additionally, he takes care of me when we are going out for a party or window shopping. His love is unconditional, and he is always ready to give anything for the sake of our relationship.

Besides, I do count good health as one of the fruits of the good relationship with my chap that make me dependent on one way or the other rather than waiting my parents and friends to do everything. Being happy always promotes my health and ensures that I am free from stress and other health-related complications. For instance, I can carry out all basic and daily tasks such as bathing, eating, washing my clothes and also making right decisions of my life. Further, the fruit of better health has prevented the extra expenses for hospital bills and time used to take care for a sick person. Without the reward of love and well-being, my family would have been affected by the increased needs for taking care of my health together with the education support. My relatives would have been spending much of their time to make me happy by paying visits to the hospital and providing company. However, my relatives and friends have been enjoying every moment that we share since there is no any issue that limits our interaction and sharing of all things.

Conclusively, my boyfriend is the most important person in my life and the best reward I have received for the past years. The man has been my shelter. Besides, he is always there for me and provides great joy in my life. We share best things such as going out, playing together and many things that cannot be done with family members. Also, my gentleman is the source of good health since I cannot get stress and various traumatizing complications.

October 26, 2021

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