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Let us first consider the phase of the report developments in this case in order to understand the circumstances of these clients. Both for Mr. I. It is clear that knowing his mental and physical success in this case was important, and Ms S. Similarly, we might argue that success and other instruments of accomplishment are important in the exam. The basis for producing the reports was the review of Ms S's historical performances and accomplishments. She has a record of long-term depression right from high school and anxiety. The present circumstance is thus an accumulative consequence of previous performances (Gregory, 2014). As described in the report, Mr. I is an elderly, 46 years, married man with evident cases of disorders in the psychiatric health. The report indicates that he lately suffered from reduced sleep and delusion in thinking, probably assaults the family members. Health records indicate cases of schizophrenia and schizoaffective illnesses.

The two major personality tests that would be appropriate for my clients include the test of cognitive perceptions and social trust level. Mr. I tend to posit evidences of frustrations and withdrawal from the normal social duties as a married man in the family. Similarly, Ms S has a long history of anxiety and depression implying that she has no close relationship with her living environment (Gregory, 2014). This way, it would be crucial to engage the two clients in productive sessions of interactions such as focused group therapies and discussions at the health centers. Hitherto, such tools as objective and purposive identification of people and objects may help in boosting their cognitive and social relationships in the contexts. This way, mental and physical ability tools are vital (Clark, 2014).


Gregory, R. J (2014). Psychological testing. History principles and applications. 7th Edition. Boston MA Pearson

Clark, R. C. (2014). Evidence-based training methods: A guide for training professionals. American Society for Training and Development.

January 20, 2022

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