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If given an chance and granted the education scholarship to further my research in your institution it will be a humbling experience, as well as, a stepping stone closer to a healthy relationship. I aspire to uphold the principles, virtues, goals, and mantra of your precious institution. Not solely will an education scholarship enable me to fulfill my desires but this will also open doorways for me to network, consult, and create a healthy relationship with some of the best minds of this generation. As a switch student, I have been able to develop a excessive perception with regards to education needs in this foreign country and am inclined to challenge myself even further by way of joining your institution. I believe I have enough drive, passion, and intellectual capability to meet your institution threshold.

I am a highly functioning student with a craving passion for knowledge. This will enable me to meet the required amount of units each semester, and above all, I plan to conclude my classes with top grades. I won't let any excuses be it regarding my social context, country of origin or any other forms of excuses impact this precious opportunity pass me. My dedication is to uphold your institution’s reputation with integrity and meeting all of the institution’s stipulations with dignity and respect for such a thriving prospect.

This scholarship would mean a lot to me. Currently I do not have any financial assistance and I have to work on a part time basis- about 20 hours per week- in order to cater for part my tuition fee and other school needs. I have also taken out on a student loan but I am still experiencing financial stresses as the money cannot sufficiently cater for all of my educational requirements. Therefore, getting this scholarship would be a relief to me. It would give me an ample time to focus more on my studies and build my career. 
I believe that education is so important and a crucial part of life for every person in the society. Education equips one with knowledge and confidence. So, in order to make a difference in one’s life and transform the society in general, one needs to be educated. This is the reason why after I completed my high school studies, I was more than sure that I wanted to continue my education- I am the first one in my family to go to college-therefore, earning a college degree means so much to me. Although my family has always been supportive of my education and have always encouraged me to follow my dreams, they do not have the financial capability to send me to college. I have since been looking for more work and constantly searching for scholarship opportunities that would fund my studies, and this scholarship just came at the right time. 
Despite the financial challenges that I have faced in my education, I continue to study with passion and energy and this has always seen me score and maintain good grades. With this scholarship, I am sure that I can score even more higher as financial stresses will be no more- my current GPA stands at 3.6 (Insert your current GPA). Moreover, receiving this scholarship will push me further toward realizing my dreams of one day becoming a journalist (mention your career interests).My ambition has always been to become a journalist and this desire was sparked by my interest for news both locally and internationally. I am a people person and I can interact well with people of all backgrounds hence the aspiration to become a journalist. So, this scholarship would allow me to concisely complete my degree program and accomplish my career goals as the only thing that I will focus on, is to fulfill all the requirements necessary for me to obtain my degree.
The scholarship will also enable me take up internship and volunteer opportunities in my area of interest and this will act as a stepping stone to my future career.Eventually, I would like to further my studies and pursue a Master of Arts degree in journalism at XYZ University. Thereafter, say five years down the line, I see myself as an accomplished journalist, and as I believe in giving back to the community, I will also help others in financial crises so that they will not experience the monetary strains that I had growing in a low income family. I am happy that this opportunity came my way and I would like to thank your organization for providing scholarship opportunities to students like me who would otherwise have to single-handedly work their way through college. I hope to become one of your scholarship beneficiaries so that I can accomplish my educational objectives that would kick-start me on my career journey to becoming an outstanding journalist. 

July 24, 2021

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