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The education scholarship research

If given an chance and granted the education scholarship to further my research in your institution it will be a humbling experience, as well as, a stepping stone closer to a healthy relationship. I aspire to uphold the principles, virtues, goals, and mantra of your precious institution. Not solely will an education scholarship enable me to fulfill my desires but this will also open doorways for me to network, consult, and create a healthy relationship with some of the best minds of this generation. As a switch student, I have been able to develop a excessive perception with regards to education needs in this foreign country and am inclined to challenge myself even further by way of joining your institution. I believe I have enough drive, passion, and intellectual capability to meet your institution threshold.

I am a highly functioning student with a craving passion for knowledge. This will enable me to meet the required amount of units each semester, and above all, I plan to conclude my classes with top grades. I won't let any excuses be it regarding my social context, country of origin or any other forms of excuses impact this precious opportunity pass me. My dedication is to uphold your institution’s reputation with integrity and meeting all of the institution’s stipulations with dignity and respect for such a thriving prospect.

July 24, 2021

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