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The Holocaust Memorial Museum of the United States

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Q 1.
I discovered that Adolf Hitler was the creator of the Holocaust when I visited USHMM (the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum), among other items. He carried out manslaughter operations with his associates, wiping out more than 6 million Jews. That number is approximately two thirds of the European Jews in Europe.
Q 2.
Since Hitler's rise and its effect in Germany and throughout Europe, regimes today should be very vigilant when nominating new leaders. Not only do they use the parameters of a leader's physical and material possession, but also scrutinize the inner character. In addition, it is also necessary for nations to develop successful national and international policies and strategies which safeguard its citizens against any inhuman acts such as what happened during the Holocaust.
Q 3.
As proof, I have a picture of me shot at the exterior entrance of the museum wall with "The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum" words inscribed on the wall. Under these words, in the picture on my right, there is a black square pinned in the wall written with big white letters "THINK ABOUT WHAT YOU SAW." Once inside the museum, the tour guide was quite charming and impressive. The most remarkable explanation from the tour guide is how the facility was dedicated to helping citizens and leaders of the world in adopting initiatives which prevent genocide, confronting hatred, strengthening democracy and promoting human dignity.
Q 4.
I think that the Holocaust could be prevented through various ways. For instance, the world leaders and some influential people in the world such as the Roman Catholic Church, the Pope should have come together and intervened in the Holocaust. The other way is that the world superpower countries should have come together and arrest Adolf Hitler with his collaborators. Peace campaigns would also have been of great help.
Q 5.
If a victim calls for help, he should be listened and given what he wants. If a victim of the Holocaust approached me, I would help to the exhaust of my ability. If the victim needs more than I can give, I can mobilize other people to provide donations. In these circumstances, I think psychological guidance should not be left on the list primarily in instilling hope.
Q 6.
The persecution and trial of the perpetrators of the Holocaust have a significant impact on current world politics. First, it helps in maintaining discipline and control of the worlds principal political offices. Also, it serves as a warning and an example to any person who may have any ill intentions of distracting humanity.

July 24, 2021

Nazi Germany

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