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Wage gap in the sports disciplines

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There is an present and increasing wage gap in the sports disciplines
Acknowledgement & Response: Group 5: There is certainly an increasing wage rate gap in sports activities disciplines. This is a culmination of the presence of the diverse skills units in sports and the business strategies that are engaged through a given sponsoring party.
Reason 1a
Players get paid differently
Reason 1b
Business Strategies
Reason 2a
Reason 2b
Conceptual Question
Group 5: Why is there an increasing wage gap in the sporting disciplines?
Evidence 1 & 2
Depending on the ability set of the players and their experience, play may get different wages. For instance, the wage that is prolonged to Cristiano Ronaldo may not be the same as that which is paid to David Luiz


3 & 4

Paying different wages to players is intended to ensure that the best players are retained while the other ones are released


5 & 6

Some players get not only receive money from the teams that they play for or their sponsors but also receive money from endorsements which significantly increases the wage gap


5 & 6

In certain cases, men receive more wages than women in the same sport. For instance, in soccer, men get paid relatively higher wages than the men.

Conceptual Evidence

Group 5:  The wage gap increase in the sports disciplines is a culmination of the fact that players get paid differently depending on their skill sets. Similarly, gender comprises a factor given that men often get paid higher wages in a given sport than their women counterparts in the same sport. The wage gap is a reflection of the diverse skills in the sports disciplines.

September 21, 2021
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