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Your company was against the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act

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Your firm was opposed to the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, and you also filed a case against the legislation that required businesses to have health insurance that included emergency contraception (Sonfield). The primary point raised in court is that the Green family's personal views and traditions are incompatible with the availability of aids that promote the use of contraception. Furthermore, the business opted not to offer such birth control pills because, in your view, their use resulted in abortion. I agree that this was a genuine concern considering your company is a private corporation that upholds specific religious values. The company is therefore allowed to have its own cultural and religious guideline which stipulates the obligation of the organization to its employees about the provision of certain health care services.

The Supreme Court ruled in your favor, and the company was exempted from the contraceptive mandate since it's a nonprofit corporation. This, therefore, means that the firm does not cover the cost of certain contraceptives in adherence to family religious beliefs. Women who work in your company are consequently required to seek alternative sources for the specific contraceptives (morning-after pills and IUDs) that are not covered by Hobby Lobby (Dennett). This will be an additional cost to the female employees who prefer to use the contraceptives that are not included in the healthcare insurance of the company. In cases where such individuals cannot access contraceptive services from external sources, they will be forced to use those that are covered by the company. This may be a health concern since not all women are compatible with the specific birth control pills.

Considering the law has already been passed, women that working in your company or those that apply to work in the company are therefore conversant with the company's stand on such matters. I believe that a person religious stand should not be infringed on considering we all come from varied cultural and religious background. Your company was, therefore, protecting its rights and the rights of the owners on matters that that did not ager with their values. It is also important to note that the company does not entirely disagree with family planning practices. It’s only four out of the twenty contraceptives that the organization provides which are not covered by the health care insurance plan (Stempel). I am aware of the fact that women have a constitutional right to procure an abortion or use a specific birth control pill, but this does not necessarily force another party to foot such costs if their religious beliefs do not allow such practices.

On the other hand, the right to practice any religion is deeply enshrined in the constitution. Even though private corporations are not necessarily restricted to such requirements, the company's should not encourage discrimination at the workplace based on religious differences. Employers in the private sectors should not impose on the religious beliefs of their workers as long as such beliefs do not interfere with the productivity of the specific persons. In the case of your company Mr. Green, I know that your outlets do not open on Sunday since you allow your employees to attend church or any other religion (Denton). This is a very noble act considering the sales the company would have made if it opened on Sunday. However, the decision to give selective insurance coverage for specific birth control pills based on the religious beliefs of the company may be discriminatory to some of your female employees.

It is therefore very crucial for your company to recognize the different social, cultural, economic and religious backgrounds that your employees come from. The fact that they are employed in your organization does not necessarily mean that they have to conform to the beliefs and practices that the management of the company subscribes to. My concern is if the employees are forced to accommodate the religious stand of the company, this will also result in infringement of the varied beliefs of the workers in your company. Employees that do not agree with the company's ruling on partial insurance of birth control services should not be demoted or fired when they openly air out their views. The company should allow freedom of religious beliefs and practices in the workplace as long as the employees fulfill their duties.

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July 24, 2021
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