Analysis of Smart PLS and SPSS

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Figure 4: Path Coefficients when bad factors are removed

Figure 5: Path Coefficients Display when bad factors are deleted

From the analysis above,ORG_CARE explains 1.5% of the variance associated with FAIRNESS and 38.7% of the Variance associated with AUTHORITY.   FAIRNESS and AUTHORTY explain 36.3% and 10.3% of the variance associate with OBSE respectively.

Reliability and Validity Report

Figure 6:Reliability and validity Construct

The Cronbach alpha coefficient of the factors above is >0.7 hence the data is valid.

Discriminant validity

Figure 7: Discriminant validity

Discriminant Validity

Figure 8: Discriminant validity factors 1

Figure 9: Discriminant validity factors 2

Figure 10: Path Coefficients with p values

Figure 11: Path Coefficients with p values



The results of the SMART PLS analysis, in the case of full data Partial Mediation of Org-Care to OBSE via Fairness are (0.152, p=0.131).The effect is not significant at 5% significant level. The Partial Mediation of Authority is (0.387, p <.0.00).This is significant at 5% level of significance. Direct Path between Org-Care and OBSE is not significant (0.08, p > 0.380). 

Reputation was found not to predict OBSE (-0.103, p =0.371)


In this analysis, the path between ORG_CARE and OBSE is SIGNFICANT at 10% level of significant. This is not significant at 5% level of significance.

September 04, 2023

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