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Banning Public Smoking

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Smoking is a regular circumstance that happens in our day to day society. Although smoking is legal in most nations, it substantially interferes with the everyday activities and conditions of the non-smokers. The respect for different people's health is important in any setting in society. It is necessary to note that passive smokers who happen to take in second-hand smoke are at a full-size health risk. One might not be capable to care about the smoking habits of other individuals but if this form of tobacco use affects their health when in interacting in public places then it is a horrific habit to do it in public. In this paper, I will give an explanation as to why smoking should be banned in the public places.

Smoking in public has a significant effect on other people's lives as it has a measurable, tangible and a permanent impact on the passive smokers (Thirlaway 395). Passive smokers are forced to smoke from the smokers who are around them, and this smoke interferes with their respiratory system. Passive smokers who form part of the public when the smoke causes hazardous health conditions such as cancer, serious illness, cardiovascular and also respiratory diseases. As research studies show, it is believed that tobacco smoking carries approximately 4,000 hazardous chemicals and 50 of these can cause cancer (Yelding 448). Second-hand smoke is further detrimental to the health of the public as it results into nasal sinuses, lungs, cervical and breast cancer. There are side effects such as heart stroke, miscarriage, infant pneumonia, asthma, bronchitis and infant problems that include fetal growth impairment. Banning of public smoking will prevent the passive smokers from getting health problems that result from smoking (Thirlway 254).

Banning of public smoking will cause litter reduction. Smokers litter the environment through disposing of the used cigarette butts all over the environment. This careless disposal of litter interferes with the surrounding (Burris 120). The cigarette butts form a big part of the litter, approximately one million and it detracts from a given location's aesthetic. If smokers can be able to dispose of the cigarette butts in the right way when in a public setting, then they might be allowed to do their activity in the public places, but at the moment they should be banned (Burris 210). Hence, it is advisable to ban the smokers from smoking in the public areas so as to avoid littering of the environment. Most of the countries have put laws that prohibit public smoking simply because besides it affecting the non-smokers, it also makes the smokers addicts. By this I mean, they cannot stay long without lighting cigarettes, and this makes it unsuitable for many places. The use of tobacco is also bad for tourism in some parts of the world because it prohibits businesses like the tourism sectors. Tourists like smoking a lot, and if this law is applied, then this law will financially damage the tourism industry.

Smoking in public causes discomfort to the other public members and also interferes with the right to a healthy workplace for employees (Mossialos 275). A safe and a clean environment lie in the hands of every employer, and it is their responsibility to ensure such environment is maintained. Other workers feel okay working in an environment that there is a lot of smoking while others just persist because they just need the employment. Such an act is not good as the right of the non-smokers is not taken into consideration. The employees should ban smoking in the workplaces at it interferes with the comfort of other employees. The smoke makes the non-smokers uncomfortable in the public places, and this is a great concern (Mossialos 325). Public smoking also lingers bad odors like that of stale cigarettes.

In reality, most of this person who smokes when they approach the non-smokers, they tend to have a bad smell from their clothes. This is a public discomfort because upon being mixed with people especially in private places like the elevators, then it, makes them uncomfortable. The non-smokers also experience a foul smell that comes from the smoker’s breath I which most of the time the bad breath does not disappear immediately even after smoking was done hours ago (Henshaw 125). It tends to be so unpleasant to the non-smoker and also so uncomfortable for the smoker especially when they interact.

In summary, it is not wrong for one to smoke, but when one smoke in a public place and it interferes with the other members of the public. It, therefore, should be banned. Those smoking should know that the passive smokers are affected by their acts in public and the general public should be able to restrict smoking to be conducted in private places. Smokers ought to respect the health of non-smokers so as to avoid tobacco use in public areas. The smokers should also realize that not only does it affect the non-smokers but their health are also at higher risks of getting the life-threatening diseases. I support the banning public smoking because the environment will be clean from both the air and the physical look. Banning of smoking will also produce healthy individuals thus reducing the life-threatening diseases that are brought by this habit.

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July 24, 2021


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