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Development of a Child

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Stressor sensitivity is detrimental to the child. Decreased parietal and frontal brain width, functional temporal lobe integration, and altered diffusion measurements are likely. There will also be behavioral anomalies, particularly neurobehavioral evaluation.
As a consequence of prenatal and neonatal treatment, however, there has been a rise in recent decants.
Smoking affects the growth of the infant and the allotment of their mother. Their current and future lives are influenced by this. The child's future life is decided by the way the mother has been cared for in the womb ever since. The mother needs to be careful in handling the delicate being in the womb which in turn will be seen in the future life of the child. For example, nicotine will be absorbed in respiratory tract into mother's blood stream, which by diffusion goes to breast milk. Nicotine has the half-life that is about 97 minutes. Nicotine is absorbed a little from breast milk, which is higher in blood stream than active smoking.

Effects of cigarette smoking may lead to breastfeeding in short time and less initiate breastfeeding. The mother should see the specialist and be guided how to avoid the drugs and how to use some drugs which are beneficial and which will help the growth of the child in the womb. Children need to be secure from all the impurities in the womb. This might affect even the future outcome of the child.

There are services needed for preemies which will include physical therapy, occupational therapy speech and language, vision, hearing, nutrition, medicine, and social work.

Work Cited

Lindberg, Birgitta et al. "Taking care of their baby at home but with nursing staff as support: The use of videoconferencing in providing neonatal support to parents of preterm infants", Apr. 2009.

September 21, 2021
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