Eliminating Discrimination

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Racism over the years has been a fundamental element that has been used as a discriminating factor in many societies. Many humans have lost employment opportunities, moments with friends and even lacked public offerings as a result of racism. Many leaders have stood to condemn racism, but it stays a serious menace in many societies in this generation. Therefore, this paper makes use of the cause and impact analysis demonstrating how racism can be eliminated in the society.

Ignorance is one of the most important causes of racism as pointed out in various journals. Persons who discriminate different people because of their race are majorly uninformed, unaware or uneducated about the issue of equality in any society. In most cases, the individuals fail to source the origin of discrimination, but instead, they consider it as a conventional setting in any profound society (Lillegard, 2010). Hence, in this case, when children are brought up in such an environment they carry forth that ideology from one generation to another. This notion affects the overall thinking of the society and thus forms the huge gap of separation between the two groups. Such form of discrimination can be eliminated by offering education to the members of the society and assuring them that each person is equal and they need each other to develop the society.

Inadequate self-worth, the feeling of unworthiness and the urge to feel superior also act as the contributing factor towards racism. Most racist persons redirect their negative feelings of unworthiness towards the other race just to justify themselves. It is evident that when an individual accepts himself, then it is easy to accept others (Harms-Ringdahl, 2001). Therefore, in an attempt to reduce instances of discrimination, it is advisable that people should be taught to accept themselves first. Through this, racism cannot be used as a scapegoat as a result of the troubles they face. Hence, by doing so, discrimination through racism can be eliminated.

In conclusion, the cause and effect analysis which was devised by Professor Ishikawa is essential in the elimination of instances of discrimination in the society. Racism is a vice that should be fought by each member of the society. By following the principles of the cause and effect analysis, racism can easily be eliminated from any community.


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May 04, 2022
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