Hyperbolic Outrage

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Thesis: Based on Packer’s arguments, this paper asserts that such things as media, newfound social use of the word, and growing trends, are risk factors likely to cause a hyperbolic outrage.

II. Body

A. Outrage creates other news through sparkling varying responses from the primary opponents, creating a cycle of hyperbolism, especially those sparked by people with ulterior motives.

“Most of it all, it creates even more news, as one group’s outrage sparks another.” (Parker, 4).

B. Politicians, lobbyists, and activists will continue to use the public’s outrage to fulfill their personal needs, which will result in a continually growing outrage culture.

C. Media continues to evolve the meaning of this word by fixing it in eye-catching titles whose content do not come close to define an outrage, and they are likely to continue doing so as long as it serves the purpose.

Example of Texas local news on neglected horse.

D. Society has a newfound use for outrage that involves condemning people for doing things they shouldn’t, and from this, gaining a sense of satisfaction.

“We are not congratulated for doing what we ought, only condemned for doing what we ought not. And by uniting in outrage against those in that second category, we find perverse satisfaction and reward.” (Parker, 2).

III. Conclusion.

August 21, 2023
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