The Meaning of Juno

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Informational (tell us that the movie is a teenage love story) Sets the tone (Juno has a careless facial expression indicating a carefree tone)


Juno is at the waiting room in a clinic

Biting, Tapping, Scratching and Painting of fingernails

Locational (to capitalize on the clinic setting), Meditative (to illustrate Juno’s trail of thoughts)


Juno goes into labor

The song “Sea of Love”

Emotional (Juno is in pain as she goes into labor) Tone (creates a melancholic mood)


Juno opens up to Paulie that she has feelings for him

The song “Tree Hugger”

Foreshadowing (Foretells of the consequences of Juno’s actions)


Juno attempts to take her life using a liquorice rope

The song “Tire Swing"

Emotional (Illustrates Juno’s conflicting situation)

September 25, 2023

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